Mk2 cockpit air intake leaks

In a very heavy rain water started to drip on my gas foot (LHD). It stopped after I closed the cockpit air intake flap (and then windscreen started to mist but that is an another story).
Is there a hole/hose or something in air intake scoop which might be clogged? Can you access it without dismantling the whole dashboard? Or maybe it just was too much water coming, it was very heavy rain.

Why are you driving in the rain?

No British car from the 1960’s will protect you from that :slight_smile:

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Yes on the bottom of the air scoop there is a hole, going to the engine compartment.
You can see it near the bottom corner left of the heater unit ( looking at it ).
I have attached a hose going to the bottom of the car.

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I have successfully avoided that all 22 years of ownership (that’s why this was new for me), but
now I was 100km from home and rain started middle of the drive, I either had to drive in the rain or stand in the rain. Couple of modern cars choose to wait at the side of road, it was so heavy rain.

Oh that finger size pipe? Thanks, I have always wondered what it is. I’m gonna check
if it is clogged.

I’ve just renewed this pipe on my Daimler V8-250 (same bodyshell) as it was falling apart.

The part number is BD10370 and I got mine from SNG Barratt. It is physically much thicker than the original but I was able to persuade it to fit after moving the loom and the heater pipe which were in the way of the thicker pipe.

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I recently did the same. Although fitting it is a challenge, there’s very little room to manoeuver.

I bet it was just overwhelmed by the flood. The XJ drain hose (similar aperture, although no flap mechanism) has about 40 mm id.