MK2 Damper replacements

I’m presently overhauling the suspension bushings on a 67 MK2 and need to replace the dampers as they are pretty well shot and I’d like to source replacements without going to specialized Jag parts suppliers. I am looking for a generic brand of basic dampers, non adjustable. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

I installed Koni brand. You set the stiffness level before you install them, hard, medium, or soft according to your preference and then you are done. I set mine to medium, they worked fine.
You don’t want to compress and release your front coil springs any more often than strictly necessary.

Many thanks for the tip, I’ll practice with a used set of Konis.

From memory you can remove the shocks without disturbing the springs?

There is no need to compress the springs to either remove or install dampers/shocks.

So memory not fading then :joy: