Mk2 data tag car no. P220765DN

(john schwamm) #1

Can anyone explain the car no. on this data tag?
Not sure what DN means, or P in front.

(Ian) #2

P power steering , DN overdrive ! :+1:

(john schwamm) #3

Thank you very much.


22= 3.8L LHD, 0765 = built around July 1962 (not because of 07 but based on recorded changes in production).
Köpi, P216615DN from CO/CA

(john schwamm) #5

Very nice to know this info.


Neither of them seem to be original Mk2 parts in this car, steering has been replaced with XJ40 rack and gearbox with 5-speed (what ever that means, Getrag?). Nice looking car but $56k is pretty much for non-original Mk2, in my opinion. But as the saying goes, he is not fool who asks but he who pays :slight_smile: I have nothing against those upgrades thou, I also have XJ rack in my Mk2. If you can get it (I’m assuming you are considering to buy it) at the price you like, I’m sure it is nice car to drive.
I’m not familiar with Concourse rules, but can you get above 99 points with modified car? Or is there a separate class for them?

(Ian) #7

Looks like a nice car with a little rust here and there , I wonder if it makes a metal to metal sound on a test run , going over bumps !!
Need to knock a few grand off for a suspention rebuild , then when you get it home , replace the missing leather strap on the jack :joy:

(john schwamm) #8

Thanks for the pointers on the Mk2. I am flying out to VA from AZ Feb3-4 to inspect the car. Price is over $10,000 below what was listed. I have done most of my homework to know pricing/values I think.
Now have to see in person to check all/drive, etc.
Glad the obvious details have been pointed out by the group, large or small, appreciate all input.
And the 5 speed is a Getrag.
Any other suggestions welcome.

(Paul M. Novak) #9

I can answer your questions about Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) concours rules.
The JCNA Judges take deductions for nonauthentic components they can see. Judges are allowed to stand, bend over at the waist, or kneel to inspect judged items. Judges do not inspect beneath the car and inspection mirrors are not used. If nonauthentic items are not visible to the Judges then deductions can not be taken. I don’t believe a nonauthentic steering rack or gearbox would be visible in a MK2, especially if an authentic gearshift knob and/or handle was used. If nonauthentic components were not visible then no deductions could be taken.
There is a Special Division class for substantially modified Jaguars, Class S2/MOD. In order to qualify for this class the Entry has to have been substantially modified from it’s production configuration (40 points or more of deductions!) and the Entrant must submit a form detailing all of the modifications in advance of the concours for the Chief Judge to review and approve. This MK2 would not qualify for S2/MOD based on the steering rack and gearbox modifications alone. It would need a lot of other modifications to qualify for S2/MOD. A perfect score in S2/MOD is 10.0 points instead of 100.0 points as in Champion Division. S2/MOD Entries are only judged for cleanliness and condition because the car has been substantially modified with nonauthentic components that it no longer represents a production configuration.
With concours scores of 99.0 this car would have been shown in JCNA Champion Division classes and not S2/MOD.
I hope this helps.


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