MK2 Engine 2.4l improved performance

(Russell Neuendorf) #1

Hi I am new to this site.
Have recently purchased a 1965 MK2 manual with a 2.4l engine.
I would like some input on improving the 2.4 engine performance.
I would like to keep the vehicle as original as I can however I would also like some improved performance as I am an active member of GEAR (Golden Era Auto Racing) I have been competing in a Triumph TR6 but have just sold the TR6 to make room in my garage for the MK2 restoration and intend competing in the MK2 when complete.
I believe the head from the later 240 equipped with a pair of SUs is an option.
Any advice would be appreciated.

The website I have built to track the progress of the MK2,
Thanks Russell

(Ian) #2

If you plan on keeping it 2.4 , yes a straight port head and SU carbs are just bolt on , not much more you can do with the engine ,
Diffrent gearbox and diff ratios may help a little !

(Paul Wigton) #3

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(Pete55Tbird) #4

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(Phil.Dobson) #5

it is my understanding that the 2.8 xj6 engine uses the 2,4 block (or very similar) if you can bore it and get it properly balanced you can rev the nuts off it being a short stroke. the extra capacity plus the straight port head and different carbs if all you can do.

(Russell Neuendorf) #6

Seems 2.4 do rev well so a bit of engine work and tuning should do the job


(Russell Neuendorf) #7

Well now I am on the hunt for a straight port head, manifold and a pair of SUs
Does anybody have any of these out there?

(KrissMotors) #8

We swapped in a lighter weight aluminum flywheel on our 2.4 engine.

The impact is primarily on 1st gear acceleration since the 14 lb weight reduction changes rotational inertia and makes the car seem about 500 lbs lighter moving from standing start. By third gear you can’t tell the difference.

Still sluggish compared to a 3.4 or 3.8, but better!

See Jaguar Mk2 Restoration for details.

(Russell Neuendorf) #9

Great tip
Was considering lightening flywheel while having engine balanced

(Lovell) #10

Straight port head and triples, but not 2".