Mk2 front bumper

Hello, I am new to the forum but found plenty of discussions on rear bumper removal, however my problem is the front bumper. I have removed all the bolts and brackets and assumed it would just slide forward and off but it seems to found the bodywork at the very ends of the bumper. I’d there something obvious I’m not seeing?

If that’s no good , maybe move it to one side , then lower the bumper end that’s away from the body , once clear , move it the other way !

Great thanks I’ll give that a go!

Check this site; although their is a small access fee the information is extremely detailed. I recall there is a special trick to reversing the bumper mounts to make re-assembly much easier:

Loveland, Colorado

Thanks I had seen that site mentioned somewhere but weren’t sure if worth the subscription fee I will take the plunge now!
I was going to add a photo of my strip down so far but can’t see how to.

In the past I have also asked questions of the author of that web page. The response was prompt, accurate and very helpful.


Thanks everyone for the advice have finally removed - no matter how it was positioned it scraped along part of the bodywork. There’s a type of lip that gets in the way, fortunately about to have respray so didn’t matter but will need to figure out before refitting.

Figured out the issue, when I compared the internal width at the rear extremity of bumper, of bumper from donor car with my original the difference was at least 15 mm! The donor bumper was that much wider at that point. No wonder it wouldn’t slide straight off.