Mk2 fuel pipe route

Can anybody help me with the route of the fuel pipe as it leaves with boot floor. I’m not sure if it follows the lower part of the rear wing or goes over the top of the tank?

Both early MK2’s that were fitted with steel fuel lines and later cars that were fitted with nylon fuel lines route from the fuel pump outlet through the boot floor grommet and down to the bottom edge of the LH rear wing. In the case of the nylon line installation, the line was originally clipped to the bottom of the wing with two (2) press-on clips. One can see the location of rear-most wing clip in the first photo. The two right-most clips on the paper towel are the proper clips for this application. From there, the line routes up and along the rear wheel arch. There is one clip located on the way up. The location is determined by a hole that is stamped into the inner panel of the arch. The fuel line then makes a 90 degree bend and traverses from the LH side of the car to the RH side of the car along the rear floor panel. the attached image shows the cross-over location and one of the two or three (I can’t remember) clips that hold the line in place here. From there, the line routes down and along the inside frame rail all the way forward to the engine bay. The third photo shows the line beginning to run along the rail as well as the first retaining clip. I believe that the three clips located on the LH side of the paper towel are correct for fitting a steel line across the rear floor and along the frame rail (I snagged this photo off the web a number of years ago for reference). The clips found on our '63 3.8 MK2 nylon line equipped car are slightly different and can be seen in the photos.

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My MK2 is 1968 is fitted with steel line , only about 6-8 inches in the boot is nylon !