MK2 Interior Trim replacement

(Russell Neuendorf) #1

Anybody have history with replacing MK2 interior trim. I plan to replace seat covers (leather), door trims, carpets hood lining, console trim everything!
I have seen a couple of suppliers in the UK that look like they do a great job however freight is a bit of a killer, I am in Australia and would like to support the local industry if possible.


(Michael Rogers) #2

DAM! shipping anything from jolly old would cost about as much as the car! There MUST be skilled upholsters there that can CAREFULLY replicate what’s left. What is availability of hides there? If you’re going for concurs, you need to exactly match the texture of the coverings and obtain the Wilton carpeting from the UK. There’s an EXCELENT fellow here on the coast of California that isn’t expensive that I’ve had do some of my cars.
DO save everything that’s left for samples of what needs to go back! That’s the limiting factor for many $10,000 isn’t unexpected for your job. Make sure you don’t have to replace what you have that can be refreshed–they do that for Rollers at Connleys–the leather people! It’s common to replace the back of the seat top with sun damage, there’s very good treatments for dried out leather, it used to be clause but has a new name, it took hard leather and turned it soft again for me, it’s made here in the south of the US.

(The Jag Man) #3

This site will give you a lifetime of reading material and solid information. I have used their softner with great results for many years:


(Russell Neuendorf) #4

Thanks Michael

Its all a juggling act.

  I dont want or need a concurs vehicle, just something that looks


  The UK suppliers have concurs quality trim, landed it will be

somewhere around $7000 and for what you get its good valve.

Also thanks for the wood grain tip.


(Andrew Waugh) #5

Are you sure the leather can’t be saved? You can fix minor tears and respray the colour for a fairly small outlay (but it takes a bit of your time).

EDIT: Found this on google:

Here’s the seats I started with:

So I took it apart and fixed the springs/foam

Patched the tears/burns

Filled the joins

Sanded… filled… sanded… filled… sanded…

Then resprayed

(Russell Neuendorf) #6

Thanks I am onto it now

(The Jag Man) #7

I have ordered carpet and furflex from this company in the UK and the shipping to the USA wasn’t too bad. Quality is VERY good:


Loveland, Colorado USA

(Russell Neuendorf) #8

Unfortunately leather has more than cracks each of the front seat
cushions have largish splits

  I could save the rear seats and front squabs however new cushion

covers would make the rest look tardy (the good bits have a rather
nice used patina) and its a shame to not keep them

(Russell Neuendorf) #9

yes Skinners look good

(The Jag Man) #10

Skinner’s also will send you samples and they have a close vinyl substitute for about half the price that looks quite good. Send them a query email.


(Andrew Waugh) #11

The guy I bought my leather materials from said that as long as the stitching isn’t rotted out they can save pretty much anything.

I had a few tears, the stitching wasn’t rotted, so I got away with gluing reinforcing patches underneath the tears. I didn’t have to replace any panels, but I did make some fairly extensive repairs to the foam.

(Russell Neuendorf) #12


Have already sent them an email with some questions

(Russell Neuendorf) #13

I have a motor trimmer I have used for some other jobs coming to
have a look tomorrow.

I would really like to save the originals

(The Jag Man) #14

You could make a pair of Lederhosen for Andrew to wear around the Swiss alps with the old patina leather.
Tee Hee


(TheoSoares) #15

I sourced carpet and headliner, door cards, etc. from parts houses, but had a local upholster shop recover the seats. I used vinyl for price and ease of cleaning.


I have just completed a complete interior trim.
Aldridge Trimming made the pieces and they were supplied by my local SNG Barratt operation.
Since I live in the US, the shipping cost was built in to the total price and was very reasonable.
Here are some pictures:-


OK here are the pictures

(Russell Neuendorf) #18

Thats an excellent finish

(John Quilter) #19

Many years ago when I was in the UK I stopped by Aldrich Trimming and ordered a complete set of front seat covers in black for my 3.8S. Brought them back as checked baggage and so far the only section I have had to use is the bottom of the driver’s seat. The rest are set aside for future use but currently the original sections are holding up OK albeit with some patina. Over the years the one replacement piece has blended in well.