MK2 Jaguar Engine change

(Phil.Dobson) #101

Great job and a very rewarding project. Thanks for taking the time to keep us all informed.

(TheoSoares) #102

How does it drive???

(Ian) #103

No long runs yet , but it pulls like a train , and is very responsive !!

(Ian) #104

Well it was a nice hot sunny day , few jobs to do , cut grass and weed front garden , then change a motor on Rangers window , that took longer then I thought .
1.15 I decided the time was just right to take the Jag out , not too close to rush-hour !

Started up first time , as normal , bit sluggish as it was cold !

Went around the block a few times , and noticed a slight hesitation , but engine was not up to temperature yet ,

Then went down the M20 , come off at Leeds on to the A20 , down to Charing , then back !

Engine feels very strong , so much so I overtook a Van , then a car , back on to the M20 , see 100 on the clock , think that’s about 10 out so about 90 .

Oil pressure 50lb , temp just below 70 all the time , started to creep up a little when I come off the M20 , traffic lights and traffic all the way back home .

Pulled up the drive and noticed water coming out the overflow pipe , I did fill it up , and there is only a 4lb rad cap on .

Tick over needs adjusting , that was about 1200 revs

All ready for more hot sunny days :sunglasses:

(Jeff Smith) #105

FYI, I got tired of the cable driven rev counter and ended up converting to an electronic version. Bought the smallest generic rev counter that had the same “sweep”. Swaped out the internals of my Smiths gauge and sealed up the cable house on the back of the cam. Been using it for several years without issue.

(Ian) #106

FYI, 340 has a generator driven off the carb side cam , no cable !

I could have used the XJ6 set up , but that was not the objective of the project .

(Ian) #107

Well Rad is cool , so checked the level , it’s about half way up the filler neck , so I would say about right !
Looked in the XJ6 manual and the expansion cap is 13lb .
I see they list 4lb and 7lb caps for the MK2 , I will stick with the 4lb one and keep my eye one it !

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #108

As a data point - our car ran a 7lb cap when on the original copper radiator. Paul

(Ian) #109

I replaced the sensor with another old one , temp gauge went up to past 90 , so got a new one and fittead that !

Colour tuned the cards ,

Engine starts up on the button , with choke , straight away I shut the choke and it ticks over , all be it a bit lumpy when cold

Was the hottest day so far this year in the UK , went for a pub lunch about 15 miles away I guess

Car ran very smooth , temp went up to 70 again , and sat there !!

I know the gauge is working , as we sat at traffic lights it started to move very slow up , so put the fan on and the electric water pump , did not put the heater on , as sometimes I do !

Pulled up the drive , engine ticks over at around 700 , no water lose and temp around the 70 on the gauge , same as down the A20 at 60mph

I do have a few temp gauges hanging around , so may change it , see what happens ,

Engine cold I checked the water , still about a inch in the filler neck , still with a 4lb cap


Anyone in the south of England looking to go for a drive and a bite to eat , I can recommend the Wagon and Horses

(Phil Turnbull) #110

Hi Ian,
Where did you get the mounting for the Dynamo from? The mount I have from my 2.4 looks nothing like that … and I am planning to get an alternator mount fabricated. PS doing the same thing, XJ 3.4 into a Mk2.

Cheers Phil

(Ian) #111

Hi Phil
The mount was off a 240 Engine , as far as I know , most are the same for a Manual steering box , may be just the 3.4 3.8 and later 240/340 , may be the early 2.4 are diffrent , pic is from the parts book !
Ps , watch the oil feed to the cam , at the back , XJ6 engine is longer :+1:

(Ian) #112

See this one on e-bay , it’s the Engine mount too !

(Ian) #113

Looks like the power steering cars has the same mount , this is a 3.8 engine !s-l1600%5B1%5D

(Phil Turnbull) #114

Great info, thanks Ian!

(Michael Rogers) #115

It’s the custom with high performance vehicles to remove any unnecessary weight. Chapman was the epitome of that.
Holiday Cheers!

(Paul Wigton) #116

It is said—apocryphally possibly but fairly close to the truth!— that when building the Lotus Seven, he put all the running gear and bodywork on it, and then started removing tubes.

When the car collapsed, he put that tube back in, and called it good!!!

(Ian) #117

I don’t like to name drop , on my MK2 V5 (Log book) :zipper_mouth_face::thinking:

(Paul Wigton) #118

Is that a CABC, or THE CABC?


(Michael Rogers) #119

Seems to me that CABC Did race a small saloon~~