MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

(Ian) #1

Ok Jag MK2 lovers its about time we see more of our cars on this sight !
Post any pic with a MK2 in it .
Love to see a picture of a MK2 towing a E-type :sunglasses:
I will start the ball rolling , with my MK2 !!

2018: The Year in Review
(John Quilter) #2

Not a Mark II but another saloon from that era.
Eugene, Oregon USA

( #3

this one is taken in 2015

( #4

oops…here it is.

(PC72) #5

My '67 example, restored from bare shell.

(Ian) #6

Great Pictures guys , keep them coming !

(Tigger) #7

Wirral Historic Vehicle Rally, Thornton Hough 23rd July 2017: Despite first impressions, and the plethora of picnic kit, if folded correctly they do fit and the boot lid still shuts easily.

(Tigger) #8

And with the original owner and family taken in 1966.

(Tigger) #9

And on our wedding day in 2001. (Wedding of wife & I, not car & I).


Hi Tigger,
What paint color is your “wedding” car?

(Tigger) #11

Hi Lin,

Not the most helpful answer I know, but the colour it was when I bought it in 1998, although at registration in 1966 it was ‘Golden Sand’. When it came to repairs we matched the current colour using a Lechler colour. The silver with red interior and chrome wires works well in our opinion, although I am being tempted to black wires…


(Ian) #12

Hi Tigger , I am sure them young ladies would be more at home on the back seats , rather then folded up in the boot !! lol

(Tigger) #13

I would have thought they should have been very grateful for the lift home. Besides, the food and booze was in the boot; they will have wanted for nothing, except maybe air and light, but you cannot have everything.

(TheoSoares) #14

Wifey with my 65 down the coast. One from a photoshoot we did to print and send to my folks. Pops and I bought this car in 2005 with grass growing through the floor. It’s since been passed on to me to finish and enjoy full time.

(Jeff Smith) #15

(The Jag Man) #16

Got her running within a few days and the car is on the back burner while we work diligently on our MK2

Arrival day for my 1967 420 that I won on Ebay for $650 USD 1963 MX 10 is in the background


(The Jag Man) #17

FYI Welsh Jaguar here in the USA is having a contest for their 2018 calendar. Check their web page for rules and prizes. No affiliation, but I am hoping to win with my submissions.


(The Jag Man) #18

Although a bit dated we still have both cars. The MK2 is purchased new by my father at the factory and I went with him to pick it up when I was six. The 1963 MKX was purchased almost 15 years ago and needs a new transmission and a money shower!


(Ian) #19

I took this pic , must be around 33 years ago , of my car , Engine transplant , a piston was in 2 !

(Dean) #20

Great idea. Here’s our '63 Mk2 with a few other Jaguars at the Texas Hill Country Rolling Sculpture Car Show.