MK2 Jaguar Pictures!

Oh dear, my sympathy.

Still looks wonderful , even on the trailer :+1:

Is this what you call a trailer-queen :grinning: ?

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‘63 MK2 British Racing Green.


Stunning !What’s not to like ?

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That it’s not in my driveway?


Doesn’t look like original British Racing Green. Is it some re-iteration of BRG for 21st century in pearl/metallic ?

It is a very dark BRG but an original color I think. Not pearly. In dim light it looks black. If you have seen the MK 1 on the televised series Endeavor, I believe it is the same color as that.


And here I thought his name was Endeavour

My Dad’s '65 BRG E-Type always looked black except in direct sunlight. I may be a little biased but I think it’s the coolest color for a Jag.

No… it’s poiple.


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Oops, right you are Schmitty!

Went and checked out my new car lift today :rofl:


Bears similarities … I think.

looks like a XJS to me :rofl: