MK2 Leaking Brake Reservoir

I have an annoying leak from the reservoir. From where the rubber hose connects at the bottom and then again from where it connects to the hard pipe that takes the fluid to the master cylinder. See damp pieces of tissue on the pic. This is shot from below.

I replaced the rubber hose twice. Probably 6 years ago and 4 years ago with a length I bought from one of the main suppliers specifically for the job. I have repeatedly nipped up the jubilee clips to no avail.

Anyone got an ingenious solution to the obvious weak spot in the system ?


I have never had a problem with the hose , but mine has only been on for 4 years , on such a small pipe I don’t use Jubilee clips , you get a much better seal with a fuel line clip , worth trying them :+1:s-l16001 (7)

Are you sure the outlet nipple at the bottom of the bottle is not cracked?
That happened to my MKII, nothing I tried repaired it, so I ended up replacing it.

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Not all rubber hoses are compatible with Brake Fluid. You may consider replacing your current hose with a hose that is known to be compatible with this fluid type. My rubber hose weeped fluid until I replaced it with a hose that is impervious to brake fluid.

Might be worth a try.

All good suggestions.

I’ll try a fuel line clip. Simplest things first

I can check the nipple at the bottom of the bottle when I swap. When I last had it off it was in good condition - but I could have cracked it by over tightening by now :frowning:

The pipe I am using is supposed to be fuel resistant - and I did buy it from one of the big suppliers for exactly this use…

Thanks guys.


Hi Dave, fuel hose isn’t compatible with brake fluid. As @Brian_T mentioned, you should get brake reservoir line. The usuals sell it by the foot. I’m surprised one of them sold you fuel hose for this purpose. It can be hard to find at regular auto part suppliers these days because IIRC it’s 5/16" ID.

I’ve also found it at German car specialists as well since old VW’s use it.


Ahh… well that is disappointing. It is sometime ago but I am pretty sure it said ‘fuel pipe’ on the invoice :frowning:

I just rifled through my box of invoices to check but couldn’t find it.

I’ll start a search on the web for the right stuff (and some fuel line clips).


€5 inc delivery for a meter from

This is also my thinking. I used fuel hose to run between the remote reservoir on our XJ6 and the master, eventually it closed up internally and wept a little. Got the correct product from a brake specialist - $30/m! Bled system to remove flaked rubber. All fixed. Paul.

I had a similar problem that was due to the outlet pipe being cracked at the join with the reservoir. This was an SNG Barrett supplied part and did not have the small metal tube installed during moulding that added strength at this weak point. A replacement from SNGB has the reinforcement tube incorporated as did the OEM product.

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New EDPM pipe fitted. Dry after 24hours :slight_smile: I put two clips on the end connected to the brake line pipe. The ID of 5/16 is perfect for the reservoir but a little large for the brake line. The second clip is ‘to be sure to be sure’ and also stops any water running down the gap and corroding the pipe.
Thanks all.

“Think Automotive “for the pipe Dave.
Peter B
BTW cheating a bit on the rear panel !
You didn’t remove the lower part of the rear wing. Tut!