? Mk2 or other Jag items

Hi Guys, I have come across these unidentified items which came in a job lot of Mk2 items recently purchased. Not sure if the chrome stud belongs to the chromed handle which is marked ‘tighten securely’.

Having trouble deleting one of the photos.
Robin I followed your advice and was only able to delete the ‘jpg’ reference but not the actual photo. Maybe admin will be able to do it.
These items came in a job lot of Mk2 Jaguar spares I recently purchased and I am unsure of where they go, or if they are Mk2 items.
The growler is one of three? wheel center caps of what. ? an XJ
The green panel and mounting with matching green paint has me baffled.

You should be able to back space on the photos upload, looks like you hit post too early on a few of the photos anyway.

Opps ! I seem to have deleted All of the photos in error as well as the one I wanted to.
Shall try and re post them

Forgot to add: the fuel filter has a flat brass mesh filter on the base of the fuel bowl, tho I can not recall seeing the additional filter showing through the glass. Would this be the type used in the MK1 ?

There have been filters (up to some earlier E Types) with only the brass screen and then they substituted it by the fiber, cake like type. Someone must have added the second filter, one alone works just fine. The thumb screw part looks like an earlier part, at least earlier than 1969 which doesn’t help much, but with the brass screen it shouldn’t be later than the early 60s.

This chrome bullet shape thing with a bolt ear looks like a rear bumper rubber seal/lip ornament. But not exactly the Mk1-2 style.
Next to it is an external rear view mirror post with adjustment ball at the end. But these used to be non-Jag manufactured parts, so hard to assign to specific model.

And finally - the hand knob in the last picture looks like a bicycle part - saddle height adjustment block bolt. :sweat_smile:

Thanks LerioQ, yes the chrome finisher for the mK2 rear bumper rubber is indeed very similar but does not have the extended lug. I was wondering if the mirror stem was from an E Type convertible.