Mk2 PAS Header tank

Does anyone have a diagram / photo of the internals of the header tank of the power steering on a Mk2. I took mine to pieces months ago to clean and paint it, then got side tracked with other jobs - doh!. I’m pretty sure that I have the bits around the filter in the right way around but if anyone has a picture or diagram that would help. I have a copy of the Jaguar parts manual and service manual but neither has that level of detail.

Image provided in 2019 by the late and much missed Andrew Waugh.

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Thank you. That’s kind of what mine looks like and the challenge is putting it all back together! There is also a smaller diameter circular piece which I think goes on top of the filter and then a spring which I think goes under the top cover to hold the filter in place.

The small concave washer is fitted atop the PAS fluid filter, then the spring atop the washer, then the lid. The lid/spring is compressed into position by the bolt which is supposed to have a steel washer and rubber washer fitted between the bolt head and the lid.

Hope this helps.


Thank you. That explains what I needed to check.
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