Mk2 Project Value Keeping for now

I have two Jags, both projects. I think one needs to go. I hate to let my long time family owned E-type go. I would let my very solid Texas based Mk2 project go. I have piles of new and spare parts, probably over $$$k invested. Would it be to much to think I could get $$$k out of it?

I think the optimal word here is “project”. How big of a project? What does it need? What has been done? How good/bad is it? Pictures speak 1000 words. The amount invested never seems to have any bearing on the car’s actual value except to the owner. Having said that, 10k (or more?) might be reasonable to the right buyer.

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Needs bare metal respray (texas sun baked the paint) but rust free as they get. Its stripped of all parts. Three Engine 3.8s, two moss o.d. gearboxes and spares, new parts too numerous to list. Wire wheel car.

Probably stuck with it like most stuff I have unless I want to give it away. Which I’m not.
If I’m serious about making it go Probably a part out and chop it up for scrap metal would be easiest.

@jagman66E How about some pics? :slight_smile:

Only one I have. Just asking before I spend hours taking pictures and notes.

Looks nice.
This may help with pricing. I recently bought a 3.8 RHD Mk2 from TX. It came with a 4 spd/OD. No radiator or engine, but otherwise more or less complete and in good condition, including the leather interior. I refused the 3.4 the owner had with it. It came with a set of steel wheels and a set of XJ6 wires/adapters. It is a mix of primer and paint (looks like the owner started a repaint and quit). I paid $4k for it plus 1200 to have it shipped from TX to VA. Shipping a car from VA to IA was about the same. Knowing shipping costs will help you with sales.

Parting it out will take a LOT of time and hassle and you’ll be left with a bunch of parts. Best to sell as a whole.

That is an observation that can never be said enough.

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Thanks all. I’m going to sit on it for now.

Agree with the sentiment that parting it out is a waste of time, with not enough money recovery to even begin to cover any investment. There is just no demand, since restoring one is so costly compared to the resale value. But with a solid body somebody should be willing to take the project over.

I wasted a couple weeks parting out a rusty Mark II about 35 years ago and today virtually all of the salvaged parts are still with me. I hate the idea of hauling Jag parts to the junkyard or landfill but I am thinking hard about it. My only reservation is that I don’t want to throw away anything that will be useful on one of my XK-140 projects.

You should see the stuff I’m hauling to the scrap yard now… :slight_smile:

I live rurally, and had an entire paddock filled with wrecked Jags, mostly S1 XJs, plus a haybarn full of stuff ranging from XK\Mk7 to S3 XJ. A few years ago, I decided I was done with Jags and sold the lot, including an XJ12 S1, Double Six S1. Got SFA for it all, but never expected to use any of it again and it tidied up the paddock. Couple of years later ended up with another S1 and needed a pile of parts that I basically gave away.
Moral : If you’re keeping a Jag, keep anything that may swap over. It might seem worthless, but imagine trying to source another if you need to.

@Jeff_Schroeder… cue up the pix of the three perfectly good XJ6s you finally had to the right thing with…:persevere:

Some guys would cry if they saw the parts I scrapped and likely will scrap, but space is space.

Well, the good news is I have a 2,400 sf shop dedicated to my Jags so space is not as critical as it would be in a 2-car garage. And I know that Kevin’s caution is a valid one. With my luck I can almost guarantee that I would regret it in the near future if I junked it all.