MK2 radiator identification

I have purchased a used radiator for my MK2. I was told it is from a later MK2 as it has a “wider” with less taper of the top tank. When comparing it with my original radiator there are some other differences. I can I post photos displaying the differences. I would appreciate identification as a MK2 radiator and if the hose connections while somewhat different will function. I know the radiator will fit in the car and does not contact the hood. Although a final fitting with the proper mounting bushes and rubbers could yield a different scenario. Thank you.

The bottom picture matches my original radiator in a '65 Mk2


Thank you for your reply. That is interesting as that is the radiator from my 1963 MK2. The top photo is a replacement radiator I purchased. I was told it was for later mk2’s. If that is the case then why is the tube shorter and straight when compared with the bottom photo of the original radiator? It does fit into my MK2. You can see the larger top tank on top radiator. Although I am uncertain which rubber hoses will fit. Possibly there was a change in radiator hose design.

In addition what ID was the rubber radiator hoses? Same for the top and bottom?


Well for what it’s worth the one from my 1965 3.8S is like your bottom picture above. Top hose is 1.5 ID and bottom 1.75 ID.

Very useful information. The bottom photo you referenced is the original radiator from my 1963 MK2. The top photo was said to be a later MK2 radiator and would fit my 3.4 MK2. The top photo hose attachment appears a larger diameter than the bottom. I will query the parts seller for a clarification of the radiator. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

I don’t know what it is off , but know it’s not 240/340 !

I have the same radiator in my garage. It is said to be from a 340. I see your manifold has the coolant outlet parallel to the radiator. Therefore the radiator inlet must be the same. With a “U” shaped hose to connect them. My 3.4 has the outlet perpendicular to the radiator therefore the radiator inlet has to be perpendicular with a straight or slightly offset hose. I see you do not have an engine driven fan nor a shroud. I will use both supplemented with a pusher electric fan. Thanks for the photo. bob

Engine is a XJ6 3.4 , made it look like a 340 , No fan or shroud , have a electric fan in front of the Rad , Rad has a uprated core !

I will have to research this further. My Mk2 when purchased had a 4.2 from a 1970 Etype installed. It was an aborted attempt as many ancellaries were not attached. It did have twin Zenith Stromberg carbs as you have. As were used on the 1970 E type.It appeared to have the original intake manifold with “home made” spacer blocks to attach the carbs which would have been SU carbs. The coolant tube is as done on MK2’s facing the radiator. I will locate my manifold and photograph. I did purchase and rebuild two SU carbs. I cannot recall if a MK2 manifold came with it. Likely it did. I see you have a wire harness running accross the top plate forwrd of the radiator. It appears that it blocks the hood (bonnet) safety latch. Thbks. bob

Carbs are HS8 SU , picture was taken as reference not a finished job !!

On my 66 MK2 I too have a wiring harness on the top front of the radiator. It does almost get pinched by the hod latch. Any pictures of where this actually should be. Someone else installed my engine years ago.


Looked at photos of my MK2 prior to disassembly. There is a wire harness in a plastic sheath in front of the radiator. Appears there are tabs to secure it which are not engaged. Continues across the inner panel secured by a metal tab proceding downward to a plug connector. I also have the metal tabs welded to the bottom of the hood latch “panel” in front of the radiator. May be another loom running on the underside also. If antone has restored a MK2 and has photos at the front of the radiator kindly post them.

This is the right place !

Is it therefore correct to have a space between the radiator and the valence panel.

A brief explanation of radiator inlet and outlet sizing. I assume replacement alloy radiators observe the same requirements.

Judging by my 3.8S, yes, there is a gap between the radiator and the hood shut panel. Approximately a quarter of an inch as I recall. There is however, on my car no wiring harness crossing over from left to right in this area.

When I purchased my MK2 it was the subject of an aborted 4.2 engne transplant. A wire loom routed in front of the radiator. There are metal tabs welded to the bottom of the valence panel. I assume a 3.8S would be the same. It would make sense for a gap between the radiator and valence panel with the tabs securing the loom but it appears some cars do not have that gap.I was unable to upload photos at this time. If this site allows them in future I will add them.

It just so happens the radiator is out of m 3.8S so I took a look and yes there are two tabs at the underside edge of the latch panel. On my car, they hold just one wire which appears to be a purple/yellow wire inside a black protective cover. This would be hard to see if the radiator was in place as it is really under the latch panel for protection.