Mk2 servo exploded diagram wanted

I have stripped two original servos down and have a good set of air side diaphragms, plus new seals from Ebay, but am not 100% sure about reassemble and this is not a trial and error part, can anyone point me to a GOOD exploded diagram not the one in the Haynes manual though.

From the factory manual;

I’ll try to get a picture of the text and post that as well.

Thanks, any chance you could take a close up picture of just the diagram because when I zoom in it goes very grainy, many thanks, Pat

This is about the best I can get;

spot on, will post a picture of it assembled, tomorrow all being well, todays progress,

And there are other types as well, the one on the right is what was fitted to my 1965 3,8S. The one on the left is the commonly available replacement. What was fitted to your car probably depends on its year of manufacture.

Hi, is it Pat ? I am about to rebuild my 1964 Mk2 3.4 original servo (with the larger steel diaphragm). Could I ask what are the part numbers of the repair kits you purchased, that is if your servo is an original as well.
Thanks Eugene

Provided your servo looks like the exploded diagram as my original 1968 one did then this kit from Ebay does the job, eBay item number: 151315657373
I stripped down my original servo and one I bought cheap from Ebay, Mine was seized after sitting for 42 years but in really good condition, the diaphragms etc were all good, even the air side gaskets, the only bit I was dubious about were some deep rust pits in the drum where the piston runs, I did sand them out quite a bit but in the end the other drum was in better condition although it looked sh1t due to several layers of underseal and paint on the outside, I suspect my old one would have been fine but…
Regarding the exploded diagram, the spacer with lipped ends and a hole across it was a triangular piece of steel in both of mine, and the circlip near to the drum end is very tricky to see let alone remove!

That factory manual talks about 25cc of servo cylinder lubricant, I have never came across this before, what do people use? I was going to give it a smear of red rubber grease…

Hi Pat, Thanks for the ebay number. I do have this kit but it is now missing one of the rubber seals. This is for the cylinder. I was hoping to get a kit number for the servo drum and diaphragm. Funny enough I did the same as you in buying a 2nd servo from ebay. My car had sat for 25 years and I reckoned the cylinder would be badly rusted up. When I did get round to dismantling it the bore was actually very good. My drum is quite rusted so I will be using the ebay item along with my own cylinder. Would prefer to give it a full overhaul prior to fitting. Stay safe. Eugene

well my servo is back together, will know if it works in a couple of months!

thanks for the help,

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