MK2 Sliding Steel Sunroof

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I’m just trying to find out if anyone knows how many MK2’s were fitted with Factory installed sliding steel sunroofs? I only know of three, the one in my car, one in the USA and one in Nigel Thorley’s book.

Mine (sorry about the driver - me! - Ha Ha)

Pat Ruster’s lovely car in the USA.

And the dark blue car in Nigel’s book Original MK2.

It would be very helpful to know how many cars are known exist?

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I would imagine they’ve got to be extremely rare, no more than a handful.
In the book “Jaguar XK-140 And XK-150 In Detail”, Detlev Clausager doesn’t cite numbers, but claims the same.

Was Ditlev’s comment in relation to the XK140 & 150 or MK2? Would you mind taking a photo of the section and posting it on the Forum please?

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Sorry, wrong reference!!
I meant Thorley’s other MKII book, the Complete Companion…

Duncan Wherrett also references the sunroof, but states the two example cars in his book are non-standard.

It’s also interesting that the parts for the sunroof are listed in the Spare Parts Manual (under optional extras), but it is not addressed in the Service manual.

Yes, I noticed that reference and did wonder why no mention of it’s operation was made of it in the Service Manual? It must have been so rarely fitted that it didn’t warrant an entry?

Here is the entry in the Spare Parts Catalogue which others might find interesting.

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E-type’s too :shushing_face:images

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Hi Ian,

I don’t know about E-Types but it looks unusual in as much that it has the wind dam at the front which is more like modern sun roofs? A fellow in the Jag Club here in Melbourne has an original, Factory fitted electrically operated sun roof on his late model S-Type. I believe it was a forerunner to those fitted to the XJ’s.

I’m interested if you know the three cars you have posted or have just lifted them from the internet? As two of them are definitely left hand drive I’m guessing not. The white car has guide rails which the originals don’t, so it is a retro fitted roof. If you look at the photo of mine and Pat’s car you will see that the sun roof slides on rails which were manufactured before the car arrived at the Jaguar factory as Nigel Thorley noted. The lovely grey car looks correct so someone in the USA might be able to identify that car? The brown car’s roof looks too large to me but it’s hard to tell from the photo.



Hi Timothy , car’s are not known to me , yours was the first I see with a factory steel sunroof , most in the UK are the Webasto kind , with all the rain we have don’t think there would be any steel one’s left .
I did a search and found a few !

Hi Ian,

Mine was a UK delivered car with the factory sunroof, wire wheels and a Derrington steering wheel. I guess the first owner was a sporty type who liked sporty cars? Anyway, the car came to Australia (which isn’t dry everywhere, or at least wasn’t) so I guess that’s why it has survived? Everyone keeps telling me that the factory sunroof was a very rare option given the specially ordered body, so I’m just trying to find out how rare? If I can find out more then I might write an article for our Jag Club in Melbourne. It might be of interest to someone? I don’t even know how much the option cost?


I’ve just noticed that the Dark Blue car in Nigel Thorley’s book has a seal going all the way around the roof. In the Spare Parts Catalogue only a Front and Rear seal is listed as there are channels in the bodywork to carry the water to the drain tubes in much the same way as there are on a MKV. That probably indicates that the Dark Blue car’s sunroof isn’t original either! There is no provision for a seal going all the way around the roof as it would stop the roof from closing as it does on a MKV.

More mystery! :smiley:


I have looked at the internet and discovered two more non-Factory examples.

This is a Golde version fitted fairly recently by the owner.


It’s a very lovely car!


This is another after market example as can be see in the frame.


The Webasto sun roof. Not really very attractive and I bet it leaks badly?