Mk2 Switch Identification Please

I purchased a center instrument/switch panel a while ago, probably from a Mk2 sedan. The switches were all loose and not in their original positions so I don’t know which one is which. I think these two three position switches are wiper or panel lighting, but I could be wrong and they aren’t either.



Hi those aren’t MK11 switches.

No. Don’t know what’s going on with those ganged fuses either.

Fuses or resistors, more likely perhaps.

Yes, have not seen that before.

You’re right. Not glass.

This is the centre panel from a 420, so pretty similar if not identical. Large left switch is wiper 2nd from right is 3 position. I don’t think there’s anything there with the same pin layout as yours.

Mark, can you send a photo of the switch panel so we might be able to recognize where it is from?

Yes, I was thinking resistors also. Maybe for dim panel lighting or something else requiring lower voltage?

I can see from your panel one of the switches I’m missing is for the wipers.

Your panel appears to have come from a MK2. The switch with the resistors on it is the panel light switch and belongs in the 8th position. The other switch is the heater fan switch and belongs in the 7th position. As Kevin’s picture showed, the wiper switch is huge. If you had one it would go in the 2nd position, but yours is missing. Of the two-position switches that are mounted on your panel, the momentary one is for the windshield washer, and belongs in the first position. The other two are for the map light in position 3 and the interior light in position 9. The IVR should be mounted between the two studs that are between and above the Water and Oil gauges.

Mark, I just replaced my panel dimming switch in my E type. The switch looks just like your switches with the resistors.


Thank you everyone very much for the replies.

Yes, the resistor bank is for the dimming position for the panel lights, so it will get a bit warm. The annoying thing about this, for me, is that the standard panel lighting level on my S is already what I would call ‘dim’ and dimming further seems pointless.

Mark, your panel seems to be a plain tin. It should be covered with Rexine vinyl. You can get it
from “usual suspects”:

If I remember correctly, meters and switches were mirrored in LHD/RHD. For those it matters.

Jaguar Mk2 Restoration Project

Thanks for that. I will need it.

Prior to July 1960, I understand early cars were just painted matt black (ref Nigel Thorley, Original Jaguar Mk I/Mk II.
Thus the panel may well be from an early car.


Here is a picture of our early 1960 Mark 2 center panel for reference, no coating just flat dull black paint

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