MK2 unibody frame dimension chart

Before I send my MK2 shell for finish body work and paint, I would like to determine it is straight. There are some dimenions in the workshop manual. Most rely on an assembled car. Is there a collision damage repair manual showing measurements? Thanks Bob

Rob, Ian@residentalien, posted a MK1 dia (same as MK2)
but the dimentions are not clear, so here they are.
BTW if after 55/65 years anyone thinks their MK1 / 2 corresponds to the dimentions shown in the horizontal plane,
then DREAM ON, unless it`s been jigged of course
Peter B.

Great information. I find it curious that the MK1 and MK2 shared all of these dimensions. I know they were closely related. I now have found this in my MK2 repair manual. It will be interesting to see what a qualified shop with a modern accurate laser measuring rack will determine. My car did have some previous accident damage. Given the age not all that surprising. I am most concerned that the car may have a twist in it. Has anyone had a body alignment done on their MK2 ?

Please keep the group informed of what lazer measurements are obtained by your shop. I recall my father had a minor front end bump and I can see that the bumper is closer on one side of the body than the other even after “bodywork” was done. I am betting that some of that energy went into causing slight movement of the sub frame, uni body and and bits. My car does drive straight and true down the road after extensive rebuilding and a great alignment ten years ago.

Loveland, Colorado USA