Mk2 uprights in a Mk1, front suspension

Is it possible to put Mk2 uprights to Mk1 upper and lower arms ?
For me - this would be the way to go for wire wheels, as Mk1 front splined hubs are hard to come by.

Yes but it`s best to change the bottom wishbone (arm) , this for correct orientation of the bottom ball pin. Also be aware that MK1 top ball joints have a different bolt spacing to all the other models, so best to change the top arms as well in order to fit the available top joints.
If you can source some 420 front uprights / calipers even better !!
BTW a MK1 front splined hub has the grease nipple located in the cone that seats the wheel whereas the MK2 nipple is between the cone and the splines, different grease seal as well of course.
Rear splined hubs the same for MK1 and 2, disc brakes that is,
no recollection of seeing a drum braked wire wheeled MK1.

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Hmmm, that’s quite a replacement.
I’m thinking of adopting Mk2 wire hubs (which I already have) to Mk1 factory setup.
Maybe I could just adopt some other hub bearings, to fit the Mk1 spindle.

Followup: OK, I see that diameter-wise bearings are OK, but the distances are wrong, as Mk2 stub is longer by up to an inch. A special (intermediate) stub would be needed. I’ll check if Mk2 stub has enough material to be modified to fit Mk1 upright.