MK2 vinyl covered panel passengers side above toe boards under dash

Hi All, I am missing the vinyl covered panel that is fitted under the glove box and above the toe boards on my LHD MK 2. I am restoring the interior of the car and I need to send a panel or a template to OSJI for recovering. Does anyone have a spare or is anyone willing to make a tracing of this panel? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Mark in Seattle

I have a 64 MKII, and will be more than happy to make a tracing of my under-dash panel. However, I’m on travel right now, in Seattle of all places !!! I can send it to you after next week.

BTW - I’m going to see Reece at OSJI in about a month, I’d be happy to take my panel for them to use as a template.

Thanks so much. My car is a ‘63 so your panel should be the same size. Let me know when you’re home and I will send you my mailing address. I am sending a number of panels etc to OSJI in the next few weeks, so maybe it would work out to bring your panel in as well. Either way I appreciate the help.
Hope you are enjoying your time in Seattle. Sunny today!

Mark in Seattle

I’ll be home on the 12th, send me a PM with your email address and we’ll coordinate then.

Yesterday was glorious. Went hiking in Discovery Park.
Sunrise this morning was spectacular.

Hi, Sounds like you are enjoying your time in Seattle. If you have the time, Mt Rainier is worth the drive. Some nice day hikes from Paradise Lodge.
I sent you a PM I think? Please let me know if you got that. Thanks again for the help.


I also have been looking for that panel.
Aldridge has pictures on their site and for sale covered in vinyl.

I’d really like a picture of what is underneath the panel:
Is there a piece of thick insulating felt right above it?
Is there a cardboard tube running from air vent running up to the defrost outlet?


Here is a photo:

The red-backed jute is original, the tan-colored piece is surplus underfelt from OSJI’s kit.
There was no insulating felt on the backside of the panel.

The heater tubes you mention are corrugated cardboard, and run from the under-dash heater box, along the sides of the center tunnel, to the rear vent box. I’d take a picture for you but you have to remove the front seats to get the tunnel out !! However, below is a photo of a photo I took during restoration, showing the tubes and the original location of the jute padding.

No you don’t. Like Service Manual Page N.22 says, you only need to remove both seat cushions (not fastened, just lift up) and slide each seat as far back as possible. And then remove tunnel fastening bolts.