Mk2 vs. E-type exhaust

To me it sounds like the E-type and the Mk2 have different exhaust sounds despite having the same engine. Are they the same muffler/silencers? I know the E-type has the addition of resonators and an extra carb, so maybe that’s the difference? I’m just wondering what it would take to make a Mk2 sound sportier, like an E-type.

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You’re correct regarding the resonators on the E type. They are small and cylindrical and compliment the “midships” mufflers. The Mk2 has similar mufflers in the middle but the back pair are more muffler style, rather than resonator. My 3.4 Mk2 sounds pretty rorty as I believe the rear pair are of a more sporty variety. Given the Mk2’s sporting pretensions I believe this is how they should sound.

Some if the sound appears to come down to construction. Some of the purists believe that a mild steel system has a better tone than a stainless system.

Perhaps check others you know - club etc?

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I don’t know anyone with a running Jag! :smiley:
My car came without an exhaust (or engine). Are you saying that the MK2 had 2 pairs of mufflers? All the exhaust kits (Moss, SNG) show only a single pair, and after spending time under mine, I’m not even sure where you could fit small resonators after the mufflers.

I’ve looked up several videos on YouTube and the sound is all over the place within steel or stainless steel pipes, E-type, XJ or Mk2. I can’t imagine there is a significant difference between a 4.2 and a 3.8, but I have a 4.2

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Hi Joe, one time as I was pulling into a car show with my MK2 a guy ran over to me and declared that I had the best sounding MK2 he had ever heard, and wanted to know where I got the exhaust system. I was surprised and flattered that anyone had noticed, but was happy to tell him that I had designed it myself. In the past I had purchased an original system, and it did not sound good at all. When I was in college I had read a book that included a chapter on tuning exhaust systems, so when I needed a new one I thought I’d try my hand at it.

The original system has long front pipes leading to the mufflers and then a short tailpipe heading straight back under the bumper. Instead, the mufflers I used were 3" glass packs located at the normal place. The trick is to put the mufflers in the middle of the exhaust system, so the front and tail pipes are of equal length. The way I accomplished that is by having the tail pipes form an “S” shape and emerge from the right side of the car. There I put on a couple of small resonator pipe tips. Technically, the glass packs put a node in the middle which creates an antinode at the outlet, but that is damped by the resonators. The E-Type has a similar system but because of its layout it doesn’t need the convoluted tailpipe to achieve equal lengths front and rear.


Sorry just two, flipped into XJ6 mode - they have four.

When I first got this 240 , I put a new Exhuast on it , 30+ years later when I got the car ready for the road , the Exhuast was rusted out , see this 2" S/Steel pipe system on e-bay , so snapped it up !
Engine bay looks a little diffrent now , with the XJ6 Engine fitted , all the body paint under the Bonnet is factory !
Turn the volume up :wink:

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That’s quite interesting, because the Mk1’s had their tailpipes exit on the RHS; sounds like the same setup you made.

Interesting! Thanks for the detailed description. Do you have any video/audio of that set up? I’d love to hear it!

That sounds great when revving. Do you know what muffler that is? Stock 240? I think the Mk2 usually has 2 mufflers in parallel.

I had the large single muffler in my car replaced with 2 Magnaflow “turbos” which are 3" diameter straight through mufflers. They are slightly quieter than glass packs but still “roar” when you get on the throttle. It’s a nice rumble around town but they get quiet loud under heavy load. I’ve had a number of compliments too. Otherwise it’s a stock pipe system tho my car has a high comp 4.2 with a number of mods so it’s hotter than a stock engine anyway.

Not stock 240 , see picture !

I’ve always noted Mark 2 cars are much more sporting than my S Type which has a small oval muffler in front taking both downpipes and exiting to two large under the back seat oval mufflers then through the subframe to left and right hand oval resonators. Lots of muffling going on it seems. System has been exceptionally long lived, in 58 years only the rear resonators and front flex section have been replaced.

I can relate to your experience! My Mk2 restoration has been so exhaustive that I bought and sold two E-Types in the past year. If I’m being honest, the first purchase was made upon hearing the E-Type start for the first time.

I found the video below to be helpful in hearing the different exhaust notes.

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I see what you did there. :smiley:

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LOLz, I’m the king of puns, but that truly was unintentionally.