MK4 Bumpers: Vibration damper covers

Hello Learned folks.
Does anyone know where I can buy some replacement Chrome covers that fit at the end of the bumpers that hold and cover the weights?
I can probably machine a couple from Brass but I am not sure its worth the effort if they are available. I hear rumour that someone makes them from Stainless?

Hi Chris, The front bumpers ends are heavier than the rear one to reduce oscillation. They are fastened with a cast iron washers grooved to fit inside the bumper ends. See photos of used ones that I have on my shelf.

Thats Helpful to know thank you. Its the rear covers that I need to make.

The 1-1/2L has only the slim stems front and rear, a bit shorter than for the sixes to suit the narrower bumper blades, as they do not have weights.

If you have the opportunity to find any, check the length so that you know which it is. Other cars had these, eg Wolseley, which could be a match but they could be rarer than Jags.

Just found one of the covers, so I now have 3 of 4… i will keep looking. Maybe another one will raise its head :slight_smile: