Mk7-9 specialist in US

I am looking for a specialist in Mk7-9. I have some seats to get rid off. Over the last several decades I have found that rarely are Mk9 owners the hands on type who would use this site. The 7 seats are the separate front seats used with the manual transmission. The Mk9 seats are the Reutter reclining seats people like to tell me don’t exist. (Reuter > Recoro). I also have a rear seat probably from the Mk 9. All need to be restored. These are from cars I used to drive back in the 70’ and 80’s when I could buy a Mk7 for $50 and drive it from Long Island to Omaha. (I could have written that story up for Road & Track. No reverse, 90 degrees of free playing in the steering, switched plates and only three spares. ) I have no real interest in putting a cash price on them but hope to find parts for my 140 OTS or 420.