Mk7 , a new dawn approaches

Fed up with doom and gloom , I have good news , for me anyway . The rebuilt head is on and the engine is spinning over nicely . Significant compression pressures increases have been recorded , all at or above factory spec . No combustion yet , have yet to fit the new SU pumps . Carbs were completely rebuilt so that should be ok . I installed the lift a couple of weeks ago , ( with help ) and am waiting now for the sparky to connect up and provide power and light . The clock works and oil / temp gauge is in . When it runs I’ll zip it up to the bodywork guy and get his opinion . I fitted all new heater hoses and had new pipes made in stainless steel , and have ordered bottom and bypass hoses , I wanted a new top hose as well , having considered the existing one too short , it barely covers the knuckle on the stat housing , but the one I was offered is the same length , ten and a quarter inches , is that the normal length ? Why is it best to obtain compression values with throttles open Would it give higher values ?

Well done, Ken. A milestone. Much quicker than the EU’s vaccine roll-out.

I haven’t spent much time here in a while, only peaking in occasionally.
Glad I came across your post.

Well it sounds like you are moving right a long really well!
Good for you!

I know it was a disappointing beginning and this was all an unexpected burden for you, however I assure you, once sorted, these cars are very reliable and robust.
You seem to have the right stuff and going about all the right way.
Now you are aware of what has been done and developed a familiarity with the car you otherwise would not have had.

Just keep up on things with an enthusiasts eye and heart.
Be thorough and a bit of a perfectionist and you’ll be just fine.
I see so many images, even here, of shoddy wiring under the bonnet, etc…and think, no wonder they’re having electrical troubles.
Keep everything organized, sheathed, and orderly…check connections for security, etc…and all will be well.

When I recall how big those models are, for me, a perfectionist, it would be tiring in the beginning anyway going through and addressing everything as I have never bought a car from someone with my standards.
These would be a bit like maintaining a sailboat or something…there’s just so much of it…

That frame and body, so nuanced…so many traps.

FWIW, my cars have always been drivers, and I’m a big POR 15 advocate.
In time, if it were mine, I would put it on that lift and simply clean, wire wheel brush the frame and paint it to protect from rust.
For me, the undercarriage says far more to me and is almost more important than the top side and paint.

Neat you have the clock working. Those sorts of things are really special achievements.
Those gauges are really neat too.

Final note, fwiw, a bit older and wiser, reading about your newly installed floor scissor jack…
Always remember safety first…double and triple check everything.
that’s a big, heavy car…
I’ve been guilty of being too indifferent in the past as well.

I recall that you were quite new to all this, and even the experienced can and have been seriously hurt or killed beneath their cars.
Within You tube vids I note poor safety procedures all too often, not too mention cars falling off lifts as they were not positioned correctly, etc.

It is something I always keep in forefront of my mind myself these days.
We all want to take short cuts and often make mistakes when we are tired…
Lecture over

Have fun and best wishes and thanks for the update !
Genuinely happy for you.

Don’t hear much from you my friend , but when we do , wow ! Always friendly , helpful and constructive . The lift is a four poster , wouldn’t touch one of those scissor thingies . I do plan to do a thorough clean and waxoyl underneath . Hope all is well with you , Regards Ken

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I don’t know the ”why”, all I know is that Jaguar advised to do the compression test with WOT. Perhaps airflow should be unrestricted?


All manufacturers recommend WOT, it reduces pumping losses and gives a better reading.
With the 4 poster do you have the lifting units that allow the front or rear wheels to be removed? They would be invaluable.

Yes , got a jacking beam , I agree most necessary .

I imagine WOT allows more air to be sucked into the cylinders, wouldn’t be able to get a good lungfull if the butterflies are closed.

The top hose I bought last year was also about 101/4inches and could do to be another inch longer. Why can’t these people get these simple things right?
I used a standard 90degree silicone hose for the bottom. This had a nice tight bend and looked a lot better than the so called repro that I bought. This looked like a chopped down version intended for something else. The radius looked a bit too big, and it had been cut a bit before the radius had fully run out. Once again repro rubbish.

Bloody nightmare ! Just waiting for the third bypass to arrive , all from different suppliers . They keep sending an inch diameter one 8inch with a 90° bend and a further 4inches . Think we’ve decided that I’ve got a mk 8 or 9 manifold . Much larger diameter pipe . What have you got on the 9 ?

I’ll have a look tomorrow and let you know. My car’s a Mk9 as you probably know already. The one I got from Ken Jenkins fitted perfectly.

Never dealt with them . Will have a look .

The first photo shows the bypass hose. It’s 1 inch bore at the water rail end, and 13/8 at the water pump. It says 860 on it. It’s been cut at the smaller end, there’s probably about 11/2 inches missing.
Other photo shows top hose and bypass connected to water rail.

Thanks for the pictures . I have great expectations that the one crawling on its way to me will fit . Oh , what am I saying , optimism doesn’t suit me .:grimacing: