MK9 Air Cleaner options

I am still using an original Vokes type air filter on my MK9 but the interior of it is looking a little dirty, and it won’t really clean out with a compressed air line.
I appreciate these filters are no longer available, but have looked on a superb website called, ‘in-line filters’, and note that there are several possibilities that might fit for about £20. Also most air filters have the air flowing from the outside to the inside, whereas these flow from the inside to the outside, hence the taper towards the middle.
I would be interested to know what other MK9 users are fitting and if it affects the carburettor needles.
The website also provides air flow volumes and various data.
I notice one of the usuals provide an alternate filter but charges about £90 for an item which looks similar to one of the £20 ones.