Mk9 body mounting spacers

It’s nearly time to reunite body and frame. I have a collection of aluminium spacers of various thickness and some fibre washers but have no idea where they fit, I assume the fibre washers go either side of the aluminum spacers to prevent corrosion?
Can someone help with position of the aluminum washers on the frame thin ones to the centre etc as parts book and service manual do not seem to contain specific information image
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You sort of screwed up here. You should have marked them and noted their location upon disassembly.

You will likely need to start the long process of trial fitting panels and then seeing where you need to shim them.

You may be right about the material of the shim having a specific purpose OR that particular material the shim was made from was more prevalent on a sp
ecific part of their assembly line.

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They were removed by the previous owner and thrown in to the back of the car many years ago
I thought that as the parts book lists specific numbers of spacers in certain sizes that they had a definite position…,

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Unfortunately, VERY optimistic.

The way the cars were put together make these sort of individual to the car.

The bodies were welded on jigs, but things move. They adjusted fit as they built the car

If it makes you feel any better, and it likely doesn’t, When I pulled the engine and transmission from my MKIX I removed the radiator and grille along with a handfull of shims and washers. They are still on the top of the fenders.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. More than willing to let any of the others prove me wrong.

Thanks again
I guess it’s all part of the charm of these lovely old gals!

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I have the rest of the week off and will be spending time in my workshop working on my recently acquired SS Flathead engine.

Why is this important you ask?

My MKIX, a ‘61 sits 3’ away. While I absolutely hate to spend a half hour cleaning and sweeping before taking any pictures, as I don’t want to be the guy they say “did you see the mess in his workshop?”…I’m willing to take some pictures with the Ipad and some cursory measurements along with an educated guess on the particular material.

You will however have to help me out…not being that intimate with the bottom of the car or where all these shims may be located…do you have any approximate areas they will be located. I say this as I was surpised the fender/grille location ones existed.

If not, I will punt and just poke around until my hemmoroids make their presence known and take a plethora of pictures. It will likely take me longer to clean and get down and up than to take the pictures.

Seriously not a big deal, if your game and have any ideas on location, though I’m pretty sure I can suss the position of most of them. Just can’t guarantee mine will be in the same place as yours?

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You DID, brace and reinforce the body before removing, yes?

Body and frame had been previously separated in braced so I’m going to be in for some fun!
I believe the spacers all fit around the body to frame mounting studs and bolts

somewhere back in the archives there is a few posts about this agreeing with what @Lovell said

It stressed how easy it was to have the holes not line up, and words to the effect “even experienced bodymen have got caught”

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English Bob, currently have some type of cold, will get out one way or another.

I did not forget.

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Anything will help!