MK9 clutch actuation

I’m having some difficulties with the clutch actuation on my MK9, and think the problem might be be because a previous owner has been messing things up.
For starters can somebody give me the overall length of the Dunlop master cylinder pushrod. Just the rod itself, and I’ll take things from there. Also the overall length of the slave cylinder push rod.
My Mk9 is April 1959.
I have just replaced the engine following a rebuild. The clutch always worked ok, but the adjustment always seemed as if the clutch was at the end of its life , which it wasn’t. I want to set it up right before I fit all the auxiliaries in case any internal things need fixing, and have to take the engine out again.
It may have had a new cross shaft assembly at some point in the past, and I’m worried that the relationship between the operating lever and the actual shaft is a few degrees out, as the lever seems to be pushing past it’s center of travel rather than towards it.
The release bearing it the short type, not the deeper version for the later diaphragm clutch, so I’m pretty certain that’s not the problem.
I’ll put some pictures up tomorrow if I get the chance.