Mk9 front windscreen

How well do the reproductions fit?
My view is that there are problems with most new screens, regardsless of car. Talking about 50, 60and 70s cars.
On 3 Mk10 models, I optedto install new seals but kept the glass. Perfect fit and the chrome surrounds fit beautifully. On the 4th car, I have had nothing but problems.
On my Mk9, the glass is full of tiny marks in the glass which makes it hard to well in full sunshine, and at night.
I am hesitant to order a new one…
(On an Iso Grifo, and 2 of my many BMW coupes from the early 70s, the new screens are either too small or too large, if I exaggerate a bit. But very noticeable!).

Hello peder, I have a front windscreen MK IX in great shape.

Original screen? Must have miilion of these micro dots like mine. I son’t have stone chips but just old age symptoms. Same as in the maroon 420G.
I was asking for opinion on the newly manufactured glass, and how well they fit, incl mounting the chrome surrounds.