MK9 vacuum connection intake to brake booster

more questions from the 1959 mk9 restoration jigsaw!
can any one help with how my brake booster vacuum supply connects on the intake manifold, my parts book appears to show a connection to the end of the manifold, but my car has a small (5/16??) hole on the top at the firewall end of the intake…assuming this is the port what adaptor am i missing to connect the booster up

Nooooo that is a take off for the washers.
The servo connection should be below that connection and is roughly 1/2 inch

thanks for the reply Phil
I dont have a port on the end of my intake!

wrong one ?
when you say the small one is for the washers what do you mean?

where your bolt is, is where the small take off is for the washers. (via the adaptor in my photo). you might have a port on the underside of the manifold that you use for the servo, or simply use the one where the bolt is and use electric washers.

The Mark X has a port on the back, adjacent to (and the same size as) the water port in your photo. There is also a large port on the bottom, near the center. Hopefully you have one there as well.

That port might be a little small for the brake servo. Also, might you mean wipers and not washers? I’ve never heard of vacuum washers, but then there’s a lot I’ve never heard of. :slight_smile:

I have enclosed 2 photos, one showing the adaptor which you seem to be missing. The larger connection fits into the right angle hose which connects to the servo and vacuum tank. The smaller connection has a one way valve, ( not shown), and is for the vacuum wiper tube.
It’s all in bits at the moment, so now is the time to ask questions.

the early cars used vacuum washers, same as the xk range.

Very cool! Found this (below); were the wipers electric? On the US cars the vacuum wipers seemed to be phased out in the early 1950s IIRC.

Hey Phil and robert
Thanks for your input
There is only the one small port as shown in my photo, nothing else either under or towards the front end perhaps the manifold or maybe the whole engine is from an earlier car without vacuum assisted brakes??
The number on the engine is NC4968-8 but it’s definitely automatic transmission!!
The vacuum washer system is pretty cool
Do you think it’s possible to drill and tap the end of the manifold for the booster vacuum take off?

The manifold is correct, it’s just the adaptor for the brake hose you need to screw in place of the bolt. Did you get my photograph showing it?.
All the large jags had servo brakes including the Mk7 and mk8. I’ll repost the adaptor photo and also the vacuum wiper connector which includes a one way valve,(I think).

Here’s another photo of the connection . 1/4 inch bore connects to the brake servo tank. Small fitting is for vaccum wipers. It doesn’t have any return valve in it.

Hey Wardell
Sorry for late reply
This is a great help, any idea where I can find one??
Cheers bob

The vacuum adaptor is a truck part common to all systems that used vacuum washers. Despite its appearance it doesn’t appear to have a valve in it.
The lower part could be made up quite easily, as it appears to be a piece of hexagonal bar with a thread on the end to go into the manifold and a tube soldered into the side of it.
Not sure of the thread but it appears to be parallel in the manifold and taper on the adaptor. Probably NPT, I’ll check it.
(Although the bolt somebody has screwed into yours might have damaged it).

That should read Trico, not truck!