MKII Badge location

OK here’s the story, I bought a replacement boot lid for my baby (1964 MKII 3.8) and there is no hole for the MK2 badge on the boot (probably from a later model) BUTTTTT I am going to put one one , is there someone out there willing to send me dimension of exact location, doesn’t have to be the holes I can figure that out but if you have the ‘hole’ location that would be great.
As always guys thank you fr your help.
MK2 Badge loc MKII badge

Am I missing something , take the hole location from your old one :thinking:

You are not I am and that is the old lid or I wouldn’t have posted the request, the old lid was left in the UK when I came to America, I didn’t realize there were no holes in it.

Someone should tell you soon , not sure if the badge is in the same place , chances are they are !

Do these images help?

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Sorry pictures don’t help, nice ladies though, I need measurements before the car is painted. :slight_smile:

Hello Garymees - try this - string a horizontal line, at the top of the round taillights section; find the vertical split between the boot right hand edge and the vertical right edge of the registration splinth; on the horizontal axis, move the thickness of the letter “M” of the MK to the right of the vertical established line - this should place the badge in the closest area of the location shown on all the pictures I have seen - just my suggestion to help you establish a position - sent 2/20/2021 0046hrs. EST USA.

You probably would have liked inch measurements, but I do not have inch ruler around. Use Google to convert (just type “x.y cm in inches” to address row)

Thank you that will work fine


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