MKII dash top refurbishment rebuild

I just wanted to show you guys what can be achieved with some basic tools and number of hours on you tube.
Attached are pictures of what I achieved and if you have any questions I am happy to share what I have learnt.
First before then after, may not be perfect but I am happy.

That’s a massive improvement, I take it you sourced new veneer?

That is patient, painstaking work. Well done. Paul

Nicely done. Making that lip at the front edge is more bother than re-veneering the rest of the dash.

Yes I got it on Ebay Burl Walnut, there are some lovely patterns, but of course you just get what is delivered, but they are all beautiful.

Yes it took some time I am currently finishing off the rest and when complete I will post more pictures , surprisingly I found it most enjoyable I guess because usually when working on cars its metal and grease, with this you have to really think about how you are going to approach it and when a piece is finished how to handle it.

Sounds like you have done this before and you are right the front edge is a bugger and it did take me two attempts to cover the dash top as I was not happy with the first attempt, I found putting on the middle thin strip first and then butting up to that worked best and then worked out from there.

I’ve done about 8-10 dashes over the years, and I guess about the equivalent of 8 full interiors over the years- just refinishing. Added up it’s probably about one full reveneer, perhaps a bit more.

That strip at the front of the dash is almost always perished. I think I’ve detailed how I laminate new lips somewhere here on JL.

It is enjoyable, if time consuming, work.

Thats really nice work…thanks for sharing…what type of glue are you using ?

I got enough to do my whole 420G, in honey colored burr, its hard to get that, mostly the color is darker, unfortunately, its not quite long enough to do the front cantrail (mine is ok), but i was thinking off doing up a MKX dash and putting that in

The glue I used was Titebond III, also if you have not done this before you will need Veneer Tamer and also an amazing product called Aqua Coat (clear) this is a clear filler that you put on after the first couple of lacquer coats it invisibly fills in the grain between coats to obtain a mirror like finish.
Other items you will need some large pieces of flat MDF lots of clamps and a couple of reels blue tape for holding down those annoying edges that you will have to re-glue, paper towels without any pattern and of course lots of sand paper for your orbital sander (I used 500, 800, 1000, 3000, 5000).
Also as I mentioned before I spent some time on You Tube watching How to Veneer videos.