MKII rear bumper rubber molding

Apparently there is a continuous rubber molding running across the top edge of the rear bumper, attached with some 16 spring clips. Not present when I got the car, and I have no clue as to how it’s attached. Help!

Hi Mark, and welcome to JL.

Yes, there is a rubber bead, held on with clips. How they fit is self evident when you’ve got the rubber, clips, and bumper on the bench - I don’t think you can fit the strip with the bumper in place, but I’ve only done it once, and I had the bumper off to renew the mounts anyway (one mount had let go).

There are also a pair of chrome finishers on the end of the bead, if I’m not mistaken.

Perhaps someone else has pics.

Thanks, Andrew. Not so self-evident to me, I fear, so pics from someone would be welcome!

Hi chaps this is an image of the rear bumper rubber finisher rubber with chrome end finisher. I think the chrome trim is in about the correct spot. As with everything it requires a bit of fiddlling.

The end of the trim / chrome tips reach to cover the bodywork groove visible in the above image posted by Russell. I cannot post a picture because I deliberately left this piece off our car because it was a salt / rust trap. I still have the chrome end pieces though. Fitting involves much lubrication if bumper already fitted to the car.

The rear bumper finish seal has chrome “bullet” tips that end just before the bumper itself.

Complete details here.

SNG Barratt carries the rubber strip as well as the little bullet finishers. You’ll also need the right kind of grip fastener. This strip must be installed on the bumper before it is mounted on the chassis.

Per Tigger’s comment, I installed the chrome finishing tips to align with the end of the body recess. I installed the rubber seal and clips before offering the bumper up to the car and intentionally left the seal long on both ends to be trimmed to length after it was bolted up.

To avoid paint damage, I masked the body off and had two friends hold the bumper assembly (one on each end of the blade) in position while I had the joy of threading the fasteners from beneath the car. Because it’s a fiddly job, be sure that your bolts and mounting threads have been chased with a die or tap before you start because you’ll want them to thread easily. I also applied a touch of anti-seize to each fastener to aid with disassembly should I ever need to take it apart again. The final installation looks very smart (IMHO). Good luck!

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Marvelous! Thanks to all who offered pics. I think I’ve got it figured out.

Can You show a pic of the clips required ? These didn’t come with the new rubber & bullets, so I don’t know what I’m missing.
On the other hand - if this strip promotes corrosion there …