MkII Tyres: Reality Check: 195/65R15

Ahoy !
Q?1. Anyone out there using/has fitted 19565R15 tyres to a MkII and would share their experience ? Thanks.
From what I’ve found in the the Saloon forum, I think (hopefully correctly) the optional 195/65R15 on the standard steel rims (5 inches ?) behind the standard spats in the rear should fit appropriately all-around and perform safely and acceptably.
Car is a town and country daily and week-ender pleasure driver for as long as weather permits and fitted with the standard spec. 3.8 engine and 3-speed Borg-Warner automatic. 'Tis not a concourse bon bon, either.
Additionally -
Q?2. Load range: For the MkII, I am assuming the 91 load range index (1365 lbs / 615 kgs) is properly acceptable and, there is no reason to fit the higher index 93 (1433 lbs / 650 kgs).
Q?3. There seems to be an adequate selection having the current, passenger car speed rating H (130 mph / 210 kmh). Hope I’m not backed into the corner of rating T (118 mph / 190 kmh). I have no intention of driving at 118 mph; however, “T” may deliver unacceptable handling et al issues.
Q3. Can someone point me to a source of information on the steel and wire wheel specifications ? While I like the appearance of the steel rim-hub cap-embellisher/trim ring, in future I may ponder a change of wheels, mostly to preserve the original set I have.

Lastly, my rationalised excuse for not choosing the 185R15;
Dead heat tie for First and foremost: I cannot find an all-season tyre in that size and, I have no practical need of the costly “V” speed rated tyre.

Sincere thanks.
Richard Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro, U.S.A.

Tire size 195/65 15 is to small in diameter, 195/75 15 is about the same as original.
When I got my MK1 with standards rims that 195/75 R15 was fitted.
205/70 R15 is also coming close, and can be used for the standard rims.
Not sure if it will interfere with the spats, using the standard rims.
I run 205/70 R15 ( load index 95 ) on my S-type with wire wheels.

Tyres are a little scarce on our side at the moment - I need a new set but am struggling. I have 185/80R/15 tyres on my Mk2 now. They’re very close in rolling radius to 185/R/15’s (as close as shit is to swearing). Prices are much lower Hankook and also Federal I have fitted previously. If you have power steering wider tyres might be fine but they might make steering harder with standard kit.

I run 195-65-15 on my 1967 420. Speedometer is about right on and no ill effects.

I’m running Universal Sport 185R15 91H tires on my 3.8S and am quite pleased with them

I’m using Blockley 185R15 tires on Daisy (3.8s) with manual steering & original steering wheel.
My previous wide tires contributed to an unbelievably difficult slow speed parking challenge.
I’m currently replacing all the steering bushes and refurbishing the steering box that had lots of play - it should be great !
Also using Vredestein 185R15 on Mk2 with manual steering & smaller steering wheel - it’s next on the refurb schedule.
Watch the spat clearance when trying to fit wider tyres.

I did same to my Mk2. With new tyres (just Federal 185 80 R 15’s), 34psi in fronts, wheel alignment and standard wheel - steering was transformed. Much easier at parking and some feel at speed.

I too have the Blockley 185R15, very pleased with them.

Its not clear to my what advantages are offered by wider tyres?

Hello, All:
I apologise for the delay in replying: computer ills & user woes.

Q? to Those Using 185R15’s or, 185/nn R15:
Are your 185’s rated as all season ?

The reason I am seeking alternative sizes is because I’ve not found an all season 185R15 or 185/nn R15.

Incidental amusing bit: Internet searches for 185 size tyres is finding many modern motorcycle applications. If one wants to get that MkII on two wheels around a corner, maybe fitting motorcycle tyres is the ticket. Ha !

Best Regards,
R. Cielec
Greater Chicago Metro; U.S.A.

I had a friend, years ago, that used 19" motorcycle tires on his MG-TC…