MKIV Bonnet Rubber Triangular Rests

Hello Friends,

Would someone mind posting a few photo’s of the rubber triangular bonnet rests for a MKIV, please? I have some from Barretts = incorrect. Also some from Worcester which are the same as the Barretts version, sadly. :weary:

They need to go over this,

I guess they are held in place with a screw or rivet?

I’m told that Alan Gibbins has the ‘correct’ type. The small details are proving quite frustrating.



Worse come to worst…in a pinch?

Yes, I also got incorrect ones from Worcester and correct ones from Alan. Ed Nantes put me onto that, so thanks again Ed if you are reading this.

I got mine from Alan. I have a few sets that are wrong and previously fitted them by cutting out the part that interfered with the bonnet’s rolled edge. It is worth paying the extra to get the right ones.

They should be fixed with a bifurcated rivet and backing washer. A nickel plated copper rivet would be better to avoid rust, otherwise paint them black to match the rubber.

Does anyone know of a special crimping tool for bifurcated rivets? I can imagine what the jaws would look like but have never seen one. I am tempted to hand grind a sacrificial pair of pliers.

Thank you everyone for your your help and suggestions. I have messaged Alan and hope to hear from him soon.


I have heard from Alan and he has them.



Those look to be nicely-made.