MKIV Centre Pillar Chrome Finishing Pieces

More assistance please friends.

In the Parts Catalogue for my 1948 3.5 MKIV it says that there is one part number for the Chrome Finishers on the Centre Pillar, BD.143. This is odd because there is a locating pin which is on the opposing side of the back of each original Finisher. This serves to locate them in the corresponding drilled hole in the Pillar. All the regular suppliers list just the one Part Number BD.143.

Earlier cars were listed as having an NS 1714/E & OS 1714/F which indicates a difference. It might well be that there were some earlier Finishers left over in a box so rather than waste them the Factory used them? Sigh! :thinking:

Have others had a similar experience? It might also help others in the event that they encounter the same issue.

With my thanks as always,

From memory new supplier parts don’t have the locating peg - so you can use it either side. The down side is the new ones can rotate when tightening it up. Cheaper to make one version as they only need one casting mould I guess.

Maybe they should have made it with two holes and supply a dowel or am I being to hopeful?

The one on the left in the photo is a new one with the one on the right original. Sigh! So yes, they are made with the locating peg in the casting.

It might be possible to grind down the pin and add a small dowel in the suitable spot? Thanks for the suggestion Robin.


Drill an opposing hole in the body?

Hi Peter,

We were hoping not to have to drill another hole in the bodywork. Might investigate grinding off the lug on one and super-gluing in a dowel in the correct spot.


Hi Tim,
I guess this pin is just to stop it rotating. How about cutting the existing pin off, and then using a small square of double sided tape with a hole for the stud (the sort used for modern car badges.) to stop the rotation?

Can you imagine how many Concours Points would be deducted for doing that? :grin:


With the Mark V they got smart and put the nub in the center so there is no left and right.

I thought about drilling a hole and putting in a roll pin, but it doesn’t look like you have enough meat there on the opposite side.
I think I would grind off your pin and just put it on with the stud, lock washer and nut, and a little dab of adhesive. If you get the nut tight enough it is unlikely to spin around.
Maybe someday somebody will repro the left and right.

A much better solution!