MKIV Cigar Lighter Fuse Holder

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Does anyone have a photograph of the Cigar Lighter Fuse Holder they could post, please? It seems that I am missing one of those, sadly.

My 3.5L MKIV was built in June 1948 and consequently has the RJF91 Voltage regulator under the fuel pumps. In July 1948 it was changed to the RF95 and placed in the far more sensible position on the scuttle.

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Thank you very much as always, Peter!

Stay safe please.


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Mine seems to be missing as well on my '38 SS. Where on the car is it normally located?

I’m not sure myself but Peter Scott will know. From a quick internet search it appears to go directly under the main Control Box / Voltage Regulator. Just click on the link below.

Hi Rob, It mounts vertically below the control box. If you buy the part then I’m sure you will easily locate the holes to match on your bulkhead.

Holden seem rather expensive. You both need to shop around.

I just went with your suggestion. The shipping was very reasonable so I guess it’s swings and roundabouts? I’m very happy with the purchase. :blush:


Thanks Peter. I found two 3/16" holes below the regulator and main fuse box, spaced at 1" apart and at a slight angle. There will be some interference with the wiring harness there.

I was tempted to order it from Bprueba but there is no hint I could find of what country they are in. Google turns up nothing on them.

Hi Rob, I don’t know if your regulator has been off since the car was first built, mine certainly has but I mounted mine after looking at other cars. Here’s a photo of one I didn’t consult at the time but it is the same way around as mine.


Thank you for observing that, Peter, and my regulator was probably moved once upon a time, either off or more likely just outwards by somebody who did black on the scuttle over the original ivory and under the regulator/fusebox.
But the dashboard harness comes through a hole in the scuttle right behind it, and connects to all those terminals, so they really couldn’t put it the other way round.
I had it off to restore it two years ago.

So if nobody has any thoughts on which may be a secret far east seller or a scammer, I will go with my instincts and order a fuse holder from Auto Electrical Spares.

They don’t appear to have them in stock. The other trader does look odd going on the other items they have for sale. Holdens charged me £26.79 for the item + £7.42 post to Australia!

Okay, now that I have the Cigar Lighter Fuse Holder, does anyone have access to a RJF91 Type L12, Part number 37046A? Sadly mine has been badly damaged by fuel dripping on it over the decades and perhaps been the victim of an electrical fire?



You were right, no stock. Bprueba wanted 21 pounds for shipping so it was close to Holden’s total anyway and not worth the risk. So I ordered it from Holden. 8 pounds shipping to the US; I guess we must be farther away than Australia.
I don’t know how to get the British pound symbol on my keyboard.
Oh, I got it, copy and paste £

Tried these people in lincoln, uk?
They managed to replace my damaged Bakelite section, sourced the paper insert and then did the voltage regulator conversion

Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for the suggestion. I have made contact with them and will wait to hear back.



I’ve had a very quick and helpful response. The owner this he will be able to help but the interior will be converted to an electronic version. That might be more reliable and safer? Have others had experience with these ‘converted’ Voltage Regulators?

Here are a few photo’s of my present Regulator which shows fire and fuel damage. :roll_eyes:


I have no experience of modern internals. It is true that the two spool regulator in our control boxes is less intelligent that the three spool variety that superseded it. The three spool type makes better use of the available dynamo output and shares it better between battery charging and increasing load from ancillaries.

Apart from that the originals are very reliable although the one that came with my car had an open circuited voltage coil.


As an Engineer perhaps you’ll read this then be kind enough to give me your thoughts?


Hi Tim,

Leaving aside mechanical reliability there certainly are possible improvements in the charging characteristics of the old two spool regulator but with LED lighting there is much less worry that you will run out of battery charge due to the increased traffic congestion and use of headlamps at night in urban streets.

Whether the solid state regulator is any more reliable or not I couldn’t say. In theory you would certainly expect it to be if properly designed with adequate protection from switching spikes and the like.