MKIV Lavender Grey

(Peter Scott) #21

There’s a rather nice data book also listed. Well, it would be nice at one hundredth of the price.


(Timothy M Fox) #22

Hello Peter,

Alan’s car looks very much like the shade on the MKV, quite lovely. It’s definitely not Tan or Khaki like the XK I have cited. Do you know Alan by any chance? If so, would you mind asking him what the paint code he used was?

When the paint is applied new the lustre will make a huge difference and might then more closely resemble the shade of the MKV.

Kind regards,


(Peter Scott) #23

Hi Tim,

Allan is the SS register secretary for the Jaguar Drivers Club.
Please find his contact details here:


(Ed Nantes) #24


Here, to give you some ambitious thoughts is the Mk IV DHC. Sorrry the best pic Icould find.

You might Ask Ian Mullins inthe Register where Alf Herbet’s caris at present

, It was in Bulleen in the old days and Lavebnder grey [ with red trim] which does seem to suit it.

(Timothy M Fox) #25

Thank you for the information, Peter.

I have sent him an email message and feel certain that he will reply in time.

All I’m after is the paint codes he used on his car in the hope that I can match them with modern tints and paints.

With kind regards,

(Peter Scott) #26

I live in an old stone built house in a conservation area and the norm around here is to paint the rhone pipes so that they blend in with colour of the stonework. With the same logic I also use “drain-pipe drab” to paint my garage doors. I wonder if Lyons adopted Lavender Grey for similar reasons?

Peter :wink:

(Timothy M Fox) #27

I don’t know why Jaguar didn’t call the colour Sage Grey or something similar?


(Timothy M Fox) #28

The colour of the garage doors does resemble Lavender Grey.

We used to live in a beautiful old house in rural NSW but since moving back to Melbourne we now live in a large apartment. I need a garden, and lawns, and above all else a garage! That will come soon I hope.


Timothy Fox

(Graham Jordan) #29

Belonged to Norm Crow??? something. I looked at it years ago with the option to buy it but just didn’t quite pull the trigger. Looks more of a Lavender colour. Sort of.

(Timothy M Fox) #30

Hi Graham,

That colour doesn’t look anything like the colour on Allan Crouch’s car, hence my confusion. I like the colour of Allan’s car which looks to have green hues rather than Norm Crow’s MKV which seems to be Tan. A really lovely fellow in the UK, who found a sample of the original Lavender Grey on the firewall of his 1948 MKIV, had it computer scanned and analysed by his local paint supplier, then made up to paint his car, is going to send me the formula, by weight from the label on the paint.

I’m really impressed by the support members of this forum are willing to give each other.

I’ll let you know how I get on but I really want the colour Allan has on his car with the green hues.



(Roger Payne) #31

As before Tim, I do have factory colour chip books for Lavender Grey in both the pre Nov 1952 Cellulose Enamel paint, and the post Nov 1952 Synthetic Enamel paint, and to my eyes, both colours are an identical shade, but do note you can significantly affect final apperance by quality of paint and gloss levels, and indeed what colour primer is underneath. And don’t add clear-coat over the top as most modern painters want to do now as a matter of course, all it does is make the gloss levels even more excessive and not at all like original.

Anyway, I got one of Australias top restoration places to have his best painter physical colour match my original colour chip books by eye (still the best way to do it if you have a painter highly skilled in this black-art, but few have the skill) to produce a set of colour samples sprayed onto 6" x 4" steel plate, to possibly use as a reference for authentic colours in an ACJC Concours. This was all done using GLASURIT paint.

How the colours were matched is each colour chip was matched by eye to the closest ‘standard’ Glasurit colour, then adjusted to exactly match.

For LAVENDER GREY the closest match was Glasurit JAG718 (a standard reference code backed by a Glasurit mixing formula), but for every 500ml of JAG718 you need to add 20ml of ‘Black’ (The Glasurit reference mixing Black of course)

So if your painter uses Glasurit paint, LAVENDER GREY is JAG718 +20ml Black/500ml.

Get a local paint shop using Glasurit Paint System to make up their minimum quantity, and spray up some test panels - but off the gun using modern Glasurit paint will be too Glossy, so if you are pedantic (as I am), you can play around with adding a reducer to the paint, and that de glosses to extent you want, and indeed can closely match an original Mark V paint job. DONT allow anyone to talk you into a clear coat added over the colour coats!

And yes, the ‘pink’ colour car, as it looks on my PC screen, is nothing remotely like original LAVENDER GREY, which has green tones.


(tony) #32

that is good information.

I had a '51 MK7 that was Lavender Grey with Suede Green interior, it was in very poor original condition, at first I did not like the suede green, but in time, I thought the combination was excellent for the period of the car. The paint was fairly light creamy colour, for a grey

(Timothy M Fox) #33

Hi Roger,

Thank you very much for all that helpful information and for encouraging me to persevere with Lavender Grey.

My spray painter is a member of the SS Register in Melbourne and very skilful. I will talk to him and pass on all the information I have gathered, after Christmas.

Rest assured that I will not have a clear-coat applied and I know that my spray painter wouldn’t do it.



(Roger Payne) #34

If you can wait until March - I will be in Melbourne for the F1 Grand Prix - I can bring down with me both my 1945-52 Cellulose Enamel Colour Chip Book, and my 1952 on Synthetic Enamel Colour chip books, and indeed my sprayed up Glasurit sample plate of the LAVENDER GREY colour. Make your own decisions, but as before - to my eyes all three look the same, but I don’t pretend to have any ‘black-art’ skills on colour matching, as did one particular guy I employed as a Spray Painter many years ago now.


(Timothy M Fox) #35

Hello Roger,

Unfortunately I can’t wait until March a the car will be ready to paint by then. I’m happy to meet you at the GP for a chat as I live within a stone’s throw of Albert Park.

Do you have any photo’s of your car that you can post or send to me?

I’ll send you my e-mail address.



(Ron Laurie) #36

This one looks about right.


(Timothy M Fox) #37

Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for the photo. Once the various paints have been mixed and applied to spray-outs I’ll post it on the Forum for other people’s thoughts.



(Graham Jordan) #38

How about Dove Grey.
A later Jaguar colour I believe but doesn’t half look good on this 120

(Gary Seraphinoff) #39

I think Lavender Grey is fantastic but last week when I saw this XK120 FHC wearing Dove Grey it was love at first sight. When I paint my XK120 FHC I may look at this color instead of the Pastel Green w/ Red interior it wore new. I always sort of feel that I should paint it the original colors but this Dove Grey is (at least this week!) The Color.

(Timothy M Fox) #40

Here is an article I received from a friend which shows the car in a nice shade of Lavender Grey. I think the colour suits the daylight we have in Australia. Apologies for the sun glare.