MkIV on auction this month

Not very professional. BKR could be anything, Alvis, Riley…??

What is it with red? The car looks a little like a Christmas ornament. Looking at all the oil over the motor it looks like a candidate for an overhaul. In fact the whole car will probably need a decent restoration. It’s only money to some I guess?


I agree, the rear pics are of a completely different car and not an SS.

There is some MKIV in there as isn’t that “S529” engine a post-war MKIV engine?


Yes it is, well picked up. I’m assuming that an SS100 block would have SS on the exhaust side of the block? I think I can just make out the hexagonal boarder of a “Jaguar” cast mark. Finding an SS motor might be a challenge! What is the number ‘10866’ shown in the listing? Maybe it’s from the other car BKR?

…is on a ‘dummy’ cap as the radiator cap is a pressurised one on the inside of the engine bay.

Chassis number is 18066.
Red engine is a well known performance enhancement, as Ed would say. :wink:
I see the pressure cap added there.
Something in the lower rad hose, might be a heater?
Some sort of red bracket there too.
Plated starter motor.

Upper bypass hose looks odd at that angle.
Two plastic fuel filters.


Two fuel pumps?

The engine looks very mich like mine. :slight_smile: Before I painted it black. I would use some air filters if that was my car.


IIRC, from the factory, it was filterless, and, screens will keep out your larger rocks, and smaller birds.


Yes, two fuel pumps in parallel is correct on the 3-1/2 Litre cars, same as SS and Mark IV saloons, because it was the small body Type L pump which couldn’t keep up with the need on the larger engines. They have a screen filter inside.
This car started life as a 2-1/2 Litre, which only had one fuel pump, and no air cleaners.

That one is 637088 on saloondata. Looks like it has been for sale at that dealer for a couple of years.

Yes Rob you are right its the same car you were mentioning, from saloondata. It was listed on the bonhams sale but is now listed by a different seller.

The dynamo is a dead ringer of the one in my XK120 - except for the January, 1953 date code.

I see another LHD Mark IV saloon sold on BAT last month for $32,000 in NY.
Old restoration, Mark V engine, needs some touching up, but seems like a good deal for the buyer.
Some of the comments on BAT are pretty stupid. I wonder why they allow them.
I see the seller was D Faust. There was a Doug Faust in NY that used to post on this forum. I wonder if we have lost him.

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Man, the more I see MkIVs, the more I lust after one!


I think that was dirt cheap, a real bargain!

The MKV and MKIV engines are essentially the same, only the oil filter, generator bracket and water pump back plate, and on the 3 1 /2 Litre the crank damper pulley are different, very easy to make perfectly correct if that’s the goal.

Interesting that it also has MKV style unpleated seats, like 1940 models of SS Jaguar had.

I can see Paul S. has already posted all the photos and info to: SALOON Data - 630201 - Jaguar, Daimler classic saloon (sedan) information, articles, photos and register

Great! Cheers!

I understand that the un-pleated seats were fitted from sometime early in 1948 until the end of production.

Cold in Finlandia! (Sibelius pun) :grin:


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Yup, -8C in the night -5C in the day in Helsinki now.


I’m still here, just not active recently. I still have a MK IV DHC which will be getting some engine work this winter.



1.5 litre coming up later in March

More pictures on saloon data. It has come up on sale several times.
Confusing statement by the auctioneer, as nearly all of them were RHD, they should have said “home market”.

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Other than the missing tools… how ^correct* is the tool tray?