MKIV Steering Column Telescopic Spring and Cap (or is it caps?)

I’m somewhat confused about the “Cover - Dust Telescopic” C.1024 and the “Washer at Top of Dust Cover” C.1026, what I would call a “Cap”. Is there a lower “Washer” Cap as there is on a MKV? I only have the top one as in Plate S.

Here is Plate S from the Parts Catalogue showing the upper but no lower cap (Washer).


My '38 SS has caps on both ends of the spring, but they are smaller than for Mark V and XK120, and are black not plated. The larger one at the rearward end is cup shaped like the Mark V version. The small one at the forward end is shaped like a dinner or soup dish or a WW-1 helmet.
It makes sense to have them on both ends to prevent wear by the spring ends. I think the '38-48 parts catalogue forgot to put in the small one.

I gather the shape is an Allied helmet rather than the German variety! :grin:


Seriously, Would you mind taking a photo for me please as we might well have it but didn’t recognise where it went!

Thanks, Rob.

Ha, ha! I didn’t think of that. Yes, the British/Australian/New Zealand/USA variety. But maybe that’s not a good comparison. Try a skimmer hat or Buster Keaton’s pork pie hat.


You’re a good man Rob, thank you!


My top one is the correct size but my bottom one is the same as the top. Both are plated.


The concertina springs and standard caps are available on some MG specialist sites. They would have been used on the beautiful pre-war MG saloons - the Jaguar copies? - and the early post war cars. I think they are more likely suitable for the smaller diameter columns as on the 1.5L, so the supplier would have to be asked to confirm the hole diameters. I haven’t seen the lower end flanged rings available anywhere as yet. I successfully had the spring wraps re-chromed - the plater said ‘Oh no! Not those fingernail clippers again!’ They have to fully draw open the coils to plate fully.

Doesn’t show in this one.

Maybe this MG drawing is showing the helmet Rob described.

Isn’t the inlay in the dash top rail beautiful!


Here is a better photo, and it is indeed shaped like a pork pie hat.

1-1/16" ID
1-7/8" OD
1-11/16" OD at the hat crown
height about 3/16" , difficult to get a caliper in there