MKIX auto gearbox - setting off in intermediate

I’ve established that my box JB8 4106 should set off in first - has anyone had this issue and if so could you give me any advice please as to how to resolve?



What is box JB8 4106 this is not a know model.
Since you have a MK9 I presume you have a DG250.
Early editions always started in 2e.
Later modified versions were 1e start.
There is no way to adjust this, the valve unit inside the box does this.

Hi. That’s the serial number of the BW gearbox which confirms it’s a later unit and should set off in first gear.

These later DG250 boxes did start off in first gear but they also have the intermediate speed hold which locks it into intermediate. Seems something to do with how this works. Could be the governor and/or oil pressure or wiring of the kick down switch. This is off the top of my head and don’t have time to look at the Manual.

If the shift points match the book and the throttle position influences shift speeds it would surely point to the ISH or valve body.

The govenor adjustment is only for the Direct Drive clutch.
You need to adjust is so that it will engage at about 45/50KPH.

You could try to adjust the Bands.
This can be done without a tool, at least that worked for me ( Did this on 3 different DG250’s)
Undo the locknut, screw in the pin until it it tight ( About 10Nm )
The undo the screw About 3.5to 4 turns back, tighten the locknut.