MKV Distributor Advance


I wish to disassemble the manual advance mechanism to clean and lubricate on MKV distributor but cannot see how to get it apart. I have removed the circlip and breaker plate. I have removed the spring from the vacuum chamber but cannot see how to get the sliding breaker plate actuator shaft out of the distributor body. The only way I can see to get it out is if the knurled adjusting thumb nut can be removed which would allow the shaft to be pulled out with the vacuum chamber assembly.

But I cannot see any way of removing the knurled thumb nut so thought I would seek advice before I break something.

Terry Crossley


Click on this thread.

Hi Rob

Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Following your advice, I have now been able to unscrew the vacuum chamber from the shaft. The trick is to know that that the chamber unscrews. Can you please advise the supplier of the replacement vacuum chamber in case I need to find one.

Thanks again


It was XKs Unlimited in San Luis Obispo California.