MKV Track Rod Rubber Boots

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The front end rebuild saga continues!

The Track Rods are fine but the rubber boots are worn out. I can buy new fixed Track Rods for 119.00GBP but that seems like a waste of money. Does anyone know if you can buy just the rubber boots? They appear to be held on with wire on the Barretts version but not on the originals, unless the wire has fallen off!


Hi Tim, If you can take the measurements of the existing boots, then perhaps this may match? Have a look at eBay item number:352199474310
In the description it states “Small hole is 13mm and large hole 32mm (approx). Part number 17H3481
Hope this helps, Jon.

Auto stop carry replacements here in NZ so I’d be fairly certain that there would be a supplier in Aus, have you tried Repco?

Hello Robin,

Is Repco a Jaguar distributor? Sorry I just couldn’t help myself.:rofl: The parts might fit without modification! How would I cope with that? :laughing:

In all seriousness, I will see what they have and thank you for the suggestion.

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That same boot C-3020 is used on XK120 so any of your favorite XK parts vendors should have it. Moss Motors has it for US $1.99 and Welsh asks $3.95 for it.

Hi Rob,

The Boot for the upper Ball Joint is 53mm whereas the Track Rod rubbers are 48mm. I’ve lent my Parts Catalogue to a friend and my pdf version is missing Plate CZ as well as pages 53 & 54 which list the parts. Are you able send me the three pages please?


The boot is on page 53A part CZ77.

Here’s 53 & 54.

Thank you very much for the information, Rob.



No but Autostop had a selection of boots that I could replace one on my S11 track rod end a couple of months ago :slight_smile:

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Mark V is fortunate in that most of the front suspension and steering parts, certainly all the wearing parts, are shared with XK120, so there is and will be a ready supply chain.

Hi Tim, I used Repco TE3 tie rod/ball joint units. readily available, cannot remember price but very affordable and off the self.
cheers Jeffery

Hello Jeffery,

Thank you for that information. They are $5.00 each from Repco. I bought some from a Jag supplier which I’m hoping will fit. If not, then I’ll head off to Repco.