MKV Under-Dash Trim Panel RHD

Hello again,

Would anyone have a photo of the trim panel which goes under the dash assembly? It could be Part No. BD4048 or BD4335.
Chassis No. 625723 RHD 1951 MKV 3.5L
Mine is simply missing.



Hi Tim,

I have mine out at the moment from when I was chasing an oil leak from the gauge.
I’ll trace you out a template onto cardboard and bring it to the next JCCV meet if you want…
Cheers, Jon.

Hello does anyone have a photo or details for the trim panel for a MK IV DHC, mine is also missing,
many thanks

There’s a nice drawing for the MkIV in the service manual. You can create the steering column bump from millboard. It can be beaten into shape with a hammer. The one in the photo was made this way.

Sorry, I can’t find a good photo of the centre panel but in this scrappy one you can see the section designed to let the HMV100 radio slide in, in front of the heater section.

Here’s a better photo.


Here’s mine, 1/8" plywood, from 627933 LHD, which has the later inside heater, but did not have a factory radio.
A good project for next winter.

I’m trying to think, what would be the reason LHD and RHD are not the same panel just flipped; I think it’s either the heater ducting being always on the left, or the wiring for the headlight dimmer being always to the left of the clutch pedal?

If the MkV was like the MkIV in my photos above then the steering column has a bulge in the casing. Or could it be for the handbrake?


On Mark V there is an oval slot cut for the column, mine being unfortunately broken away somewhat on the inboard side. That should be mirror image LHD vs RHD. The handbrake is all the way on the left on LHD, but I thought it was all the way on the right on RHD, again mirror image?

Attached are some photos of the underside panel for the MK IV LHD. The steering column cover was made using fiberglass cloth/resin, but can be made from several waterproof cardboard. I recycled aircraft 1/16" plywood skin. Very strong and flexible.