MKV Water Pump maintenance

Dear All
Help please.
Could anyone please advise if new impellers or carbon seals are available for the MKV 3.5 litre water pump.
Also, is it correct that the impeller is not attached to the shaft, merely “dogged” to the seal collar which itself is pinned to the shaft, allowing the impeller to “float”.
Thank you

I think your best bet would be Alan Gibbins the SS Register Spares Secretary.

Thank you.
I will send Alan a message.

I got the carbon seal from Wally Vorlaufer in South Africa.
I remember I had to file down the outside diameter a little bit, very carefully as I was afraid of breaking the thing. Then press in gently as there is no way of getting it out if you get stuck.
Mark V water pump 007

The impeller is just dogged, not pinned.
Mark V water pump 006
The dogger is pinned.

Thank you for the information and photo’s - very much appreciated.
I will send a message to Wally also.
Best Regards

" J. K. Vorlaufer and sons (pty Ltd) t/a

Vorlaufer Cars is in voluntary liquidation and is no longer trading.

A liquidator has not yet been appointed. Details will be provided when received. Sorry for any inconvenience caused."

Thank you for the “heads-up”, I will wait for Alan Gibbins to reply to my message.