MKV Wheel Colors

Does anybody know the correct wheel colors? I have an al black car and am not sure of the actual wheel color. I know the covers are painted to match the car but am not sure of the wheel itself. Should it be black or the car color?

Mark V wheels were always body color over light brown primer, so if you have a black car the wheels would be black. If your car has been repainted a different color, you can take off a tire and confirm this on the inside of the rim, a place not often repainted. If you find any other color the wheel came from some other car. According to Allan Crouch’s book, 38 percent of Mark Vs were black.


And also the nave plates (hub caps in American) were always painted body colour so that the raised part was left (masked) chromed. Yes, laborsome, and some might say very difficult to do, but oh so beautiful when done correctly. :slight_smile:


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