MkV wiper arm and blade

Does anyone know where I can obtain a new wiper arm for my 1950 Mk.V?
I rarely dive in teh rain with her, but was forced to recently and one wiper arm (the passenger side fortunately) flew off onto the motorway, so irretrievable.
I am in Brisbane, Australia.

Hi Warwick, I may have a second-hand one floating around… I can check tomorrow for you… Can you post a pic of your single surviving arm?
Cheers, Jon (Melbourne)

Thanks Jon, I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon.

Picture of my MkV wiper arm attached.

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Hi Warwick,
I had a look at my collection of spares, possibly the bottom one is the closest, however I don’t have the blade holder the same as yours; I’ve only got a more modern one (top of photo)

Let me know if this would be of help to you…

Something strange though; the wipers on mine park to the right, whilst yours park on the left. It would appear I have wiper arms from a LHD car, yet they were on it when I got the car, and she’s a genuine RHD original.

Regards, Jon


The bottom wiper arm looks perfect. I think I can source the blade holder elsewhere.

My address is:-

Warwick Carter

50 Sumners Rd.,


Qld. 4074

Please let me how much the wiper arm and postage costs and I will pay you by PayPal or bank transfer.

Many thanks,


Unfortunately the wiper arm above had the wrong diameter attachment. As a result i am still looking for a Mk.V wiper arm if anyone can help.