MKVII air filter silencer canister

do the MK VII and MKVIII have the same air filter canister or are there different ones for different models?

I thought they were all the same but the brackets don’t seem to line up with the mounting bolts on my MKVII


Hi George,
Yes the MK 8 uses a different Vokes air cleaner than the MK 7. Also the intake pipe assemblies are different, since the MK 8 utilizes HD.6 carburetors and a “B” head versus the H6’s used on the MK 7 “A” head. Drain fittings were also added to the bottoms of the MK 8 intake pipe assemblies with plastic tubes running down and clipped to the top of the oil filter housing.

The MK 7 also used another air cleaner variant made by A.C. that had a removable (and cleanable or replaceable) wire mesh element on the front end of the cylinder. The AC brand is not common, far more Vokes were supplied.

As an aside, the MK 8 also was supplied with an oil bath horizontal type air cleaner similar to the American cars of the fifties.

Tom Brady

any chance of a photo of the bracket set up on the MKVII Vokes canister?

I believe that the brackets on mine have been shortened and altered and the intake has also had the pipe cut shorter.

the bolts on the intake manifold that hold the canister do not line up with the slots on the air canister.

I have the correct pieces but it would be great to see some that are not modified by previous owners.

is the oil bath cleaner like the MK1 oil bath cleaner but in the engine bay?