MKX / 420G Horn placement

My '69 420G has a tinky little red horn, and a bypass button to sound it ever since I have owned it

The time has come to restore the original system to its original function

I have a H and L horn, and drilled out the 6 rivets, which will be replaced by 3m x 16mm brass dome head screws and nuts

The points were cleaned, and the adjusting screw freed, so they now sound

Can someone please take or display some pictures of their 420g or MKX horns in situ ?

I know this is not easy as I think they are low down somewhere

each of mine has a bracket with 2 bolts which must attach to something, either a bracket, or some part of the vehicle ?

I will post up some pics of the horn rebuild when it is finished. The brass screws I eBay come from China, so will be a few weeks usually

The rivets are a pain if you ever need to clean the points (which you do eventually)

Hope this helps, you can see the brackets that my horns went on to.

Thanks Gents

@Micah_Wellman , you have the earlier horns, lovely items, I just restored a MK7 item that is the same and thought to install that, however @SJP5977 you have provided the perfect shot for my 420G, I have both those brackets attached to the horn, one has the correct original bolts, so its just a matter of locating the frame location based on your excellent pic

sense you have done a job restoring your vehicle to original condition, and of course Micahs car has always been the standard setter

I have checked some, but not all the fuel doors, no sticker so far BUT, I did come across a similar sticker on the rear indicator stop lamp chrome when I swapped mine for a better quality item. I took a pic for you (and swapped the sticker across), its silver metal with black stamping to show bulb wattage

This may be an Oz distributor/dealer thing.
Its very puzzling I have a box of these chromes ex-dealer stock

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Hi Tony, yes I’ve done everything I can to restore to original. The only thing that I can’t source is the door seals, which annoys me to no end. I have a modern radio in it but that’s easily swapped out for the original that I still have. You’re prob correct regarding the stickers being dealer. The dealer put a centre roof mount aerial on me cad instead of an electric one in the ring, and put TEX mirrors on. I’ve replaced the TEX ones with DS420 mirrors. I’ve had the tyre pressure stickers reproduces, David at Jag Stickers did a great job. I am happy to share if you want a couple.

On my 1968 G

Thanks gents,

I have drilled out the rivets and restored the horns to working condition

One is complete, the other needs painting and assembly

A pair of H and L

I have others of these, and I have never come across one working, did drill one out before, but did not get it working

They are not meant to be taken apart, but once the rivets are drilled and the unit split, you will have access to the points, which need cleaning

They cannot be removed, so to accomplish this, wedge them slightly open, and drag lubricated heavy grit paper

Once this is done, they can be adjusted with a Phillips head screw in the body for correct operation

Its a pita to drill out the rivets.

You should bite the bullet, and drill them out on a drill press after centre punching them, 3mm, then 5mm to cut the heads, then drive them out with a punch

The halves are then bolted back together with M3 nuts & screws. I am waiting for brass ones to arrive, in the meantime, just used zinc plated

There is no point at all riveting them back together, as the rivets are not like ordinary one, very long hard steel. They can be taken apart to clean the points.

No capacitor is inside. I will fit a TVS to suppress spark, thats what does them in, along with moisture ingress

Pics will follow

(I have misplaced the TVS diodes too, very annoying)

Looking forward to the photos. The horns on my 1966 3.8S were weak and now are non-functional (unless the function is to blow the fuse in which case it is working well). So I suspect I need to to this next.

Good timing for you

I have restored one, and the other is half done, its in pieces

I will publish detailed instructions with photos within 1 week hopefully

Have also completely restored an earlier large ornate WT horn that is fitted in some MKX and earlier vehicles

The later horns are not built to be restored…but they can be !

I tried and failed once before, many years ago, but my horn restoration skills have improved

You can buy very similar horns online quite cheap, as they are fitted to a diverse range of vehicles, but they will not be original

The biggest pita is drilling out the long solid steel rivets that hold the halves together, but I developed a procedure that is fairly quick

I have not finished with both horns yet, but I did find a pic of mine with the original horns fitted, date is 2009, its always had a small red horn which can be seen in the pic, and I must have removed them since then.

I have owned it since 2000.

There should be some more from cars I wrecked, none ever worked

Its a tight fit in there, so I am glad to have note of their orientation

One should put a punch mark on the horn parts prior to drilling the rivets, as a scribe mark tends to disappear under paint, and the orientation of the two body halves probably needs to be correct to fit them back in

hmmm… my pic reminds me I have replaced the high mount AC43 with a low mount Lucas 75A alt, allowing for an A/C compressor, which is why it looks so tight down there when I look now.

Hopefully my horns will still fit, maybe thats why I took them out !

updates soon