MKX BG Transmission Hold

Hello all, my mkx when going up an incline will stay in place as if parking brake applied, which is I believe the purpose of the intermediate hold function, but I have all the wires disconnected to solenoid. Does anyone one else’s dg transmission perform the same? Once I drive over incline it will coast normally. I know this transmission has a front and rear transmission pump which allows for push starting the engine so it might be normal. I tried this scenario in reverse and it will go down incline with no hesitation, thanks in advance.

The intermediate hold function should hold the intermediate gear, that is, keep it from shifting into top gear?
The hold-function on inclines is either because of the torque converter doing its thing or a one-way clutch in the transmission - nothing electric.
Or does it not go uphill, at all?

Yes it goes up fine. I was mistaking the feature of the park hold which applies the brake pressure to rear wheels. There is a solenoid on the brake line.

There is in the braking system an ‘anti-creep solenoid valve’. It keeps the rear brakes on after you have stopped until you accelerate. You say your brake holds going up hill which could be this brake solenoid if it was after you applied the brakes to stop. I think it was fitted to on all models with DG auto transmissions ie Mk8,9, 10 etc.

I dont believe that the brake solenoid is the issue since it is not wired up and the issue is not present in reverse. I think its an issue with the way the BW transmission operates, at least thats what I hope.

My understanding of the intermediate speed hold switch is to permit a driver controlled manual downshift from top gear to intermediate while driving in top gear. It will hold the car in intermediate until switched off. This is to permit faster acceleration for passing but does not require flooring the throttle pedal. Anyone have more details?

You are correct. It prevents the transmission from shifting into third gear. While driving in 3rd gear, flipping the switch causes it to shift into second. I use it all the time in my 150.

Pat H